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Author: paul shteyn

How To Save Money on the Cost of Air Freight Shipments

Air freight is much faster than shipping freight. However, for most, the cost of shipping by air is too high. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to save money on air freight shipments. While there are a few cost-saving strategies for air shipments out

Storage Trailers vs Containers: Which is Best For Business?

If you search for warehousing solutions in Canada, you may encounter the terms “trailers” and “containers.” But do you know the difference between storage trailers vs containers? If you need additional space capacity for your items, storage is the solution. However, when it comes to

Dangerous materials are often complex to ship. In this article, we will be looking at a comprehensive guide to shipping hazardous materials.

Comprehensive Guide to Shipping Hazardous Materials

When you ship cargo, there’s a need to follow certain procedures and rules. How much more for hazardous materials? To do this seamlessly, you will need a comprehensive guide to shipping hazardous materials.  Hazardous materials aren’t always dangerous. You’ll be surprised that even perfumes are

How To Choose a Freight Shipping Company

Freight shipping is a crucial part of every online business. Even for personal needs, the sheer importance of most freight makes the choice of freight shipping company a complex one. There are essential factors that answer the question of how to choose a freight shipping

7 Common Trucking and Shipping Terms You Should Know

Shipping and trucking, like any other process, has common and technical terms. If you don’t have the experience, comprehending when and how to use these terms may be complex. But when you gain experience, these shipping and trucking terms become like second nature. The importance

Effective Solutions to 4 Common Freight Delivery Issues

The use of trucking and delivery services often come with different challenges. As a business owner or manager, one of your primary tasks is finding solutions to common freight delivery issues. Usually, decent execution is a must whenever moving freight is a regular operation. Also,

Trucking Service: Why Consider A Refrigerated Trailer

Over the years, refrigerated trailers have become very popular amongst many business owners. However, knowing the various benefits of these ingenious trailers, it does not come as quite a surprise. Are you wondering why many entrepreneurs consider using a refrigerated trailer? The key is to