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Warehousing and Storage Toronto

As part of our shipping and trucking services, we provide different supply chain solutions in the form of cross-docking and warehousing options. All Freight Shipping is the leading provider of trucking services in Toronto. We have hands-on experience with product delivery and shipments. Therefore, we understand the need for comprehensive storage solutions for shipments, cargo, products and goods.

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Here, you can expect warehousing services that incorporate a high level of flexibility in terms of pricing, scheduling and freight. Simply put, we offer secure warehousing services at affordable prices. Additionally, the variety of our warehousing services mean that we can conveniently store different types of goods. In fact, we also provide temperature-controlled warehousing and cross-docking solutions for sensitive goods.

First Class Warehousing Solutions in Toronto

As one of the top trucking and shipping companies in Toronto, we provide the best warehousing solutions that you can trust.

Guaranteed Security

We take extra care to ensure that our warehousing and cross-docking locations are fully secured. With warehouse storage options all across Canada and the US, there is space for your shipment. More importantly, our warehouse storage points in Toronto are fully secure. Security measures that we use include 24/7 security guards, 360-camera surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, sprinkled and fences.

Central Locations

The warehousing and storage options that we provide are centrally located in easily accessible areas. Our storage and warehouse locations are situated in locations with close proximity to highways, airports, and railway stations. Therefore, loading and unloading your shipments is an easy process.


The security of our warehouse storage locations in Toronto means that we barely have to deal with thefts. Additionally, the handling and professionalism of our logistics staff reduce the possibility of damage due to handling. However, in the unlikely event of damage due to natural calamities, fires and more, All Freight Shipping is fully insured. Our insurance policies offer protection against damage and loss while using our warehouses.

Choose All Freight Shipping for Your Warehousing Needs

All Freight Shipping provides excellent warehousing and cross-docking services to offer you more options. With our years of experience in the trucking and shipping industry, we understand that certain shipments may require specific warehousing needs. Therefore, we provide cross-docking and customizable warehousing solutions that will give you increased options.

Regardless of the type of shipments you want to be moved, we’ve got adaptable trucking solutions to do the job. Also, our warehousing and storage solutions are available for all timeframes.

Speak with any of our friendly logistics personnel to choose the best freight cross-docking or warehouse storage for your goods.

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Warehousing Solutions in Toronto

All Freight Shipping provides both long-term and short-term warehousing solutions. In addition, customer satisfaction and convenience are at the top of our priorities. Discuss your needs with our experts today!

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Some Of The Reasons

Best Storage Solutions in Toronto – Cross Docking

Our cross-docking storage solutions involve the direct distribution of shipment from one truck to another with little storage time in between. As a reputable trucking company with an extensive network of carriers, we have the resources to cross-dock your shipments seamlessly.

Reduced Material Handling

The cross-docking services we provide are a warehousing solution for goods that require as little handling as possible. Since there is no need for storage, the only handling that your goods will receive includes staging, unloading and loading. Therefore, there is less possibility that your shipments will be mishandled or will arrive damaged.

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Zero Warehousing

With our cross-docking services, your goods and shipments will spend a grand total of 0 minutes in a warehouse. Therefore, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to pay for warehouse storage facilities.

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Overall Reduction in Costs

With our cross-docking supply chain service, packaging and storage costs are reduced drastically. Additionally, distribution and transportation costs are reduced. We have the flexibility and network to transport multiple loads at the same time. Here at All Freight Shipping, we are fully focused on providing the best warehousing services at affordable prices.

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Fast Delivery Times

All Freight Shipping guarantees fast delivering on all freight and trucking consignments. A good reason for this is the efficiency of our cross-docking system. With proprietary organizational software and efficient in-house protocols, we guarantee swift screening and delivery turnaround.

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