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Dry Van Trailers Shipping in Toronto

Dry van freights are a fairly common shipping option that offers the secure, safe and cost-effective transportable of dry goods, non-perishables and equipment. All Freight Shipping has years of experience using dry van trailers to get different shipments to their rightful destination in Canada.

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Typically, a dry van freight is coupled to a semi-truck. Designed to ship large quantities of non-perishable loads, dry van freight shipments require professionalism and expertise from the semi-driver. Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer the highest level of quality service across the board.

For starters, your shipment is handled by professionals movers that will coordinate its movement from the point of pickup to a waiting dry van. More importantly, the dry vans are manned by drivers with years of experience trucking across the country. Therefore, we guarantee the safe, swift and timely delivery of your shipments.

Our dry van freight service is designed to protect your shipments from the elements, harsh weather conditions, accidents and road debris. All Freight Shipping offers dry van freight services in Toronto for both FTL’s (Full Truckloads) and LTL’s (Less than Truckload). If your shipment is designated LTL, we will combine it with other shipments for swift delivery.

Our dry van trucks are the perfect service to ship textiles, electronics, clothing, sports equipment and more. If you want fast, dry, securing shipping for your freight, we’ve got you covered.

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Dry Van Freight – Our Truck Specifications

As one of the leading shipping and freight trucking companies in Toronto, we offer the highest level of industry-standard with our dry van shipping. If your shipments do not require any form of temperature regulation or other unique considerations, our dry van freight shipping is your best choice.

Our standard dry van freights are:

  • 53’ long
  • 8’6” wide
  • 9’ tall
  • Designed to accommodate up to 26 standard pallets
  • Designed to haul about 45,000 lbs. of cargo
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Dry Van Truck Shipping Toronto

We offer complete safety, reliability and professionalism across the board. Speak to an All Freight Shipping representative today. Contact us to request a free quote. How heavy is your shipment? Discuss your dry van trucking needs with our experts today.

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Some Of The Reasons

Why Choose All Freight Shipping

All Freight Shipping is a reputable trucking and freight shipping company based in Toronto. As such, you can expect the highest level of service with your shipments.

All-Round Protection

Our dry van freight shipping service is designed to offer your shipments full protection. The dry vans we use for our shipping services can be described as a fully enclosed container.

This four-sided barrier offers the highest level of protection from snow, wind, rain and other elements associated with long-distance travel.

Regardless of how testy the weather gets, with All Freight Shipping, you can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered in a timely manner. More importantly, it will be delivered without any reduction in quality that may be caused by the elements.

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Theft Protection

As one of the leading dry freight shipping companies in Toronto, the rate of insurance claims with our services is extremely low. This is because of the level of security we offer with our dry van freights. Throughout the course of its journey, your freight will be protected by a locked container. This means zero exposure and temptation for criminal elements.

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Reliable Delivery

As part of our shipping and trucking services in Toronto and the GTA, we will provide you with a strict timeline for delivery. More importantly, All Freight Shipping drivers understand the importance of scheduling and accountability. As a result, you can count on a fast turnaround.

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Cost-Effective Shipping

We know that not all dry freight shipments will contain the square footage of our dry vans. However, we can combine your LTL (less than truckload) shipments with other deliveries offering you significant savings in the process.

All Freight Shipping is the best option for your dry van trucking and shipping needs. We go the extra step to ensure the complete safety of your cargo from pick up to delivery. We can also provide you with other dry van logistics services that you may need.

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