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Cross Border Shipping – Ship From Canada To US

When shipping freight from Canada to the United States, you need to work with an experienced carrier. All Freight Shipping has many years of hands-on experience handling the movement of cargo across the Canada/US border. Whether your cargo is travelling by air, land or sea, we’ve got the resources to make it happen swiftly.

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All Freight shipping is a top international trucking and shipping company equipped to handle shipping from Canada to the US. On a yearly basis, thousands of shipments go past the Canada/US border. However, this doesn’t mean that cross border shipping between Canada and the United States is a simple process. With the amount of documentation, due process and logistical complications involved, shipping from Canada to the US can be difficult. However, when you use our cross border shipping services, moving freight from Canada to the US is a significantly simpler process.

Typically, moving cargo from Canada to the United States requires extensive documentation that must be done properly. If a single sheet of paper is left out of the mix, you may be left with a logistical complication that may take weeks to fix. All Freight Shipping offers planning and documentation assistance as part of our cross border shipping services. Our experts will take the time to plan the route for your international shipments down to a tee.

Ship from US to Canada with All Freight Shipping

Our cross border shipping services are designed to also accommodate the movement of freight from US to Canada. Just like with other forms of cross border shipping, shipping from Canada to the United States will command higher costs. However, when you work with a reliable trucking and shipping company, the cost is well worth it.

As part of our services, we will help you with the documentation and classification of your cargo. Additionally, our logistics experts will also handle customs and clearance issues that can delay the swift delivery of your cargo. When you choose All Freight Shipping to move freight from the US to Canada, you can expect affordable pricing, faster delivery times and less delay.

All Freight Shipping has many years of experience moving cargo from the US to Canada. As a result, we know the paperwork and documents that have to be submitted to make the process a seamless one. One document that you have to pay close attention to is the Bill of Loading (BOL).
The Bill of Loading can be described as a receipt with information concerning the shipment that is moving from the US to Canada. It can also serve as a comparison document that ensures that there is no theft of any kind. With a BOL, a trucking company can safely move your cargo from the US to Canada by land. Other documents and paperwork that our logistics specialists will help you with include:

  • Certificate of Origin, NAFTA
  • Customs declaration
  • Insurance
  • Automated export filing system

Reliable Shipping from the US to Canada

All Freight Shipping offers a reliable network of trucks, reefer trucks and air carriers to help you get your shipment from the US to a destination city in Canada. Our drivers are reliable while our shipment coordinators are professionals that understand the intricacies of international freight transportation.
Do you have a full truckload consignment ready to leave the US? Perhaps, you have a less than truckload shipment that needs to be delivered to a city in Canada.
Discuss your cross border shipping needs with any of our friendly logistics representatives. Contact All Freight Shipping today!

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We Provide Documentation Assistance

One area where most people face challenges with the trucking and shipping of cargo from the US to Canada is documentation. Dealing with the documentation and paperwork needed to move your cargo from the US to Canada can be complicated for a layman. Therefore, it is vital that you seek expert help.

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Some Of The Reasons

Why Choose All Freight Shipping

As part of our cross border shipping services, we will help you with the following:

Choosing the Right Route and Carrier

How fast do you want your shipment to get from Canada to the United States? Our cross border shipping network means that we can match your freight with the right driver or air carrier seamlessly. Depending on your needs, we have reefer trucks, heated trucks, cargo vans and sprinter vans that can conveniently move your freight across the Canada/US border.

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Space Maximization

Not all shipping consignments that cross the border from Canada into the US are full truckload sizes. If your shipment is less than truckload capacity, we will consolidate it with other shipments to ensure that you save more on transportation costs.

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Documentation and Planning

All Freight Shipping has a proven system of cross border shipping resources that work. Our experienced logistics specialists know that the right documents and packing lists are essential for the accurate delivery of shipments. Therefore, we will take extra steps to make sure that you have access to all of the information and documentation needed to move your freight from Canada to the US.

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Ship from Canada to the US with All Freight Shipping Today

Our cross border shipping from Canada to the US is reliable due to the extensive network of drivers, logistics experts, and air carriers at our disposal. All Freight Shipping is home to logistics specialists who have experience handling international cargo and freight. We only work with team members that have a track record for excellent, professional service. As a result, we can guarantee complete peace of mind while your freight travels from Canada to the US.

Additionally, All Freight Shipping will keep you informed every step of the delivery and transportation process. We provide integrated tracking services that mean that you can always check on the progress of your freight at any point in time. More importantly, we will provide a dedicated team of logistics experts that will handle all of the stress associated with cross border shipping between Canada and the United States.

Learn more about how All Freight Shipping can help you move persona and commercial cargo from Canada to the United States, speak to any of our logistics representatives. Call us today!

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