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Expedited Shipping Canada to the USA & USA to Canada

Experience seamless and swift logistics with our expedited shipping services. Whether you’re sending parcels, freight, or goods, our expedited shipping solutions ensure timely and reliable delivery from Canada to the USA. Benefit from our efficient cross-border logistics, dedicated express routes, and expert handling, guaranteeing your shipments reach their destination promptly. Discover cost-effective and streamlined expedited shipping options tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust in our commitment to deliver excellence – your go-to partner for expedited shipping services that prioritize speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Explore our expedited shipping solutions today for a hassle-free and accelerated transit experience

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Here at All Freight Shipping, our delivery times are usually about two days within Canada and the United States. However, our expedited shipping and freight transportation services are designed to make this turnaround possible in a day or less. If there is a need, we will send out your trucking shipments in cargo vans with two drivers alternating shifts to ensure that there are no stops in between delivery. Additionally, our express shipping services are designed to eliminate unnecessary handling and processing that can cause a delay.

As a top trucking and shipping company, we offer extensive coverage within Canada and the United States. Our logistics experts understand the technicalities of delivering shipments across Canada/US. More importantly, our sprinter vans are manned by drivers with the experience and licensing required to ensure that fast deliveries are made swiftly using our sprinter vans.

Strict Delivery Windows

Our expedited shipping services come with strict delivery times. More than most, we understand that for many businesses and organizations, strict delivery windows are crucial to business operations.

As a result, we have designed our expedited trucking to be the definition of speed and reliability. All Freight Shipping has built up an extensive network of truckers across the breadth of Canada. Therefore, even if you are dealing with less than truckload shipments, we will quickly consolidate it with other shipments to ensure that it is delivered as fast as possible.

Discuss your expedited shipping and freight delivery needs with our experts. Contact All Freight Shipping today!

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Expedited Shipping in Toronto

Our expedited shipping and trucking services are the very definition of customer satisfaction. If you are paying for expedited shipping, then it is imperative that you get your shipment delivered as agreed. All Freight Shipping will go above and beyond to ensure that your freight reaches its delivery point as fast as possible.

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Some Of The Reasons

Choose All Freight Shipping for Expedited Shipping Needs

Our expedited shipping and freight delivery services come with certain features that make it as convenient and satisfactory as possible.

Integrated Tracking

As a top freight shipping and trucking company, we understand how important it is to put your mind at ease. As a result, we use the latest tracking technology to make sure that you know where your shipment is at all times.

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Emergency Services

As a customer-focused provider of trucking and shipping services, we understand that the need for expedited delivery can crop up at any time. This is why our expedited freight trucking and shipping services are handled with the sense of an emergency.

Based on your specific needs, our logistics experts will find the safest way to deliver your cargo securely. You can rest assured that you are working with a company that takes your shipment more seriously than you do.

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Extensive Coverage

All Freight Shipping offers expedited shipping services regardless of the distance that has to be covered. Over the past few years, we have built up a reliable and extensive network of sprinter vans. Essentially, this means we can get items where they need to be in the shortest possible time.

Additionally, our couriers and trucking personnel have extensive experience in Canada and the US. As such, we offer inside experience and knowledge that enables us to deliver quickly, regardless of distance.

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Customizable Service

All Freight Shipping provides the best possible expedited trucking and freight delivery services at affordable prices. As part of our dedication to providing you with the best possible delivery service, we offer customizable delivery. If there are any special requirements or considerations that have to be made, we can handle it. In addition, we also offer heated and reefer cargo vans for temperature-sensitive items.

We have highly trained drivers and logistics personnel that are fully focused on providing solutions for your trucking needs.

Need expedited trucking services? Contact us to speak with any of our logistics experts and get a free pricing estimate. Call us today!

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