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Refrigerated Shipping in Toronto

Our refrigerated shipping services can help you move a wide range of goods that need to be refrigerated. All Freight Shipping can transport meat, fish, frozen foods, wine, chocolate, temperature-sensitive health supplies and more.

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Here at All Freight Shipping, our reefer shipping is handled by professional drivers with years of experience. More importantly, we work with a dedication to providing customers with ultimate satisfaction. As one of the top refrigerated shipping and trucking companies in Toronto, we offer the highest level of operation administration and synchronization.

Shipping refrigerated freight across Canada has never been easier. All Freight Shipping provides the best temperature-controlled trucks for your shipping needs.

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Refrigerated Trucking in Toronto: What Is It?

Refrigerated trucking is a shipping method that is designed to help move temperature-sensitive goods and perishables. Also called reefer trucking, these services work using temperature-controlled trucks with independent temperature compartments.

Here at All Freight Shipping, our reefer trucking services can work as coolers and heating options. Therefore, if you need heated containers to ship products and items during winter, we’ve got you covered. Our reefer trucks are handled by trucking experts with years of experience. As a result, you can rest assured that your perishable items will be fully protected and kept at optimum temperatures.

Our refrigerated shipping services are designed to help you move temperature-sensitive cargo all around Canada. Our reefer shipping is done using high-functioning refrigerated trucks. These trucks work like new and are under a strict maintenance routine. Essentially, this means that we guarantee effective shipping of cargos that need to be refrigerated, even under extreme weather conditions.

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Warmer temperatures may be required for items like milk and cheese. Our specialized temperature control options also mean that we can handle the trucking of sensitive goods like farm produce. If you need heated trucking services during the winter months, All Freight Shipping offers specialized heated trucks.

All Freight Shipping is your number one point of call for all refrigerated and temperature-controlled shipping needs.

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Refrigerated Trucks vs Heated Trucking in Toronto

As one of the leading freight trucking and refrigerated shipping companies in Toronto, we also have heated trucks for other shipping needs. Our heated trucks are also reefer trucks. The advanced tech in our freight trucks allows us to set the temperature at both ends of the spectrum.

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Some Of The Reasons

Why Choose All Freight Shipping

All Freight Shipping is your number one option for excellent refrigerated shipping in Toronto. Our high level of dedication and commitment means that we offer:

Total Control

All Freight Shipping provides a high level of temperate control for refrigerated freight needs. Our reefer trucks are the latest models. Hence, they allow for the safe transportation of food, medical supplies and other precious cargo with strict adherence to temperature standards.

Our unparalleled control for refrigerated shipping is available in the event of a breakdown or a flat tire. All Freight Shipping offers all-round attention to detail that caters for unseen circumstances.

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Guaranteed Safety

With refrigerated shipping in Toronto, most people are worried about the safety of the goods and items they are looking to move. All Freight Shipping offers a high safety standard that will put your mind at ease.

Our refrigerated trucking is carried out with complete documentation, professionalism and compliance to temperature regulations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about infringing on a health and safety requirement as a result of shipping. Our reefer trucking services are guaranteed.

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Customized Reefer Trucking Solution

Our reefer trucking services can be customized based on the special requirements of your cargo. Different clients have different requirements for reefer trucking and shipping. As part of our services, we will understand the unique requirement of your refrigerated shipping needs and provide you with appropriate solutions.

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Excellent Tracking

During the transportation of your temperature-sensitive goods, we will provide you with the location of your freight at all times. Our reefer trucks have integrated real-time tracking services that will give you extra peace of mind.

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