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Temperature Controlled Trailers Rental

Do you or your company produce and sell goods that are temperature sensitive? Nowadays, a lot of companies are selling products that require temperature control resulting in limited shipping schedules to certain months.

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Best Uses of Temperature Controlled Trailers

As you might now know, temperature-controlled trailers are most appropriate for shipping perishable goods or temperature-sensitive cargo. Most of these temperature-controlled trailers are used to ship food and beverages. While some others are modified and made into such specifications that can cater to certain plant life and specialized equipment.

Depending on the application of temperature controlled trailers, it can either be used to keep goods in its frozen state or maintain cool temperatures, or it could also be used to prevent items to be shipped from freezing.

There are a wide variety of restrictions and guidelines that must be followed when using temperature-controlled trailers. This is to assure that quality control and product safety are observed in the whole shipping process from pick-up to delivery.

Advantages and Features of Temperature Controlled Freight

  • Expands Shipping Capabilities: Producers of perishable products can ship throughout the year and to more distant locations.
  • Independent Temperature Controls: Trailers can have up to three separate compartments with individual temperature controls.
  • Continuous Temperature Control: A cross-border shipping can be risky for perishable goods to be shipped as it travels from different locations of varying temperatures. All Freight Shipping’s temperature-controlled freights will tweak temperature to cope with outside weather conditions for the best results.

Learn more about what temperature-controlled trucks can do for your products by messaging us at or calling us at(647) 691-5535.

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