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Dry vans are a common way to go and a top choice for shipping for most people. That is true thanks to these reasons; dry van shipping is cost-effective, it offers convenience and can accommodate a large variety of goods and equipment in shipping. All Freight Shipping’s dry vans are designed expertly and built to offer easy loading, flexible storage, and so much more.

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Best Uses of Dry Vans

When you need to ship goods or equipment that does not necessarily require temperature control, then dry vans are the perfect choice for you. With dry vans, you have the ability to ship clothing, building materials, and non-perishable food with no delay!
Though dry vans can be utilized in a variety of ways and are capable of holding a multitude of product range, it is very much advised to use pallets in order to load and unload dry vans with goods. There are types of items to be shipped that might not be suitable for using pallets, which may limit the use of a dry van as that would only increase in the costs.
Still, considering the flexibility of dry vans, companies can still maximize the use of those in transporting cargo.

Advantages of Dry Vans

Whenever it is applicable, a dry van is typically the best choice as it gives you the best cost-efficiency in shipping options. Shipping through dry vans is nothing but a common way all around the world. You also have the option to combine different products from multiple shippers to split the costs of shipping. Other advantages are:

  • Low Chance of Lost Freight
  • Ample Room for Storage and Shipping
  • LTL (less than truckload) Cost Savings

Meet your shipping needs by using our dry vans to move your goods and equipment. Message us at or call(647) 691-5535.

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