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Flatbed Trucking Toronto Canada

All Freight Shipping provides efficient flatbed trucking services that will help you get your cargo across Canada. Our flatbed trailer shipping services can be described as versatile. As one of the top trucking and freight delivery companies in Toronto, we understand what it takes to transport a wide range of goods. Hence, our flatbed shipping services are designed to carry oversized cargo.

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We will carry tall and wide products that cannot be carried by standard vans. Our flatbed trucking services can be delivered with a vast variety of options to help your transfer large items securely. Additionally, our flatbed freight trucking services are delivered with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need flatbed trucking services to get goods into or out of Canada, we are your best option.

All Freight Shipping is home to well-trained drivers that will guarantee the safety of your shipment. With strict scheduling, punctuality and integrated tracking services, you can rest assured that your flatbed trucking is handled by the best possible hands.

This allows us to competently haul different specifications of cargo and items. With a double drop or a step dec, our flatbed trucks will be able to accommodate exceptionally tall shipments.

In the same vein, our flatbed trailers with gooseneck features offer the functionality to transport items that will be driven into a flatbed. Hence, we offer safe, secure stacking and transportation for vehicles and other stackable shipments.

As one of the top-rated shipping and flatbed freight delivery services in Toronto, we have also made provisions for overweight items. Our heavy-duty flatbed trucking equipment can handle cargo of up to 100,000 pounds.

Discuss your flatbed shipping needs with our representatives. Contact All Freight Shipping today.

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Our Flatbed Trailer Options

Here at All Freight Shipping, we provide standard flatbed trucking options that start from 8’ in length. For cargo that demands it, we also provide extended models that are up to 53’ 8’ length. Our flatbed trucking in Toronto is done using vehicles equipped with a gooseneck hitch, double drop and a step-deck drop.

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Some Of The Reasons

Why Choose All Freight Shipping for Flatbed Trucking

All Freight Shipping offers a high quality of service that guarantees that we deliver every time. When you choose all for your flatbed trucking needs in Toronto, you can expect:

Maximum Protection

The flatbed trucks we will use to move your shipments are constructed to work comfortably in tough conditions and terrains. These trucks are built using strong and durable aluminum materials. Therefore, this tough construction and durability ensure that your cargo will be moved seamlessly.

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Customer Satisfaction

The customer service that is a part of the flatbed trucking experience we provide is impeccable. Firstly, our representatives are always available to answer any questions and queries that you may have. Additionally, we provide expert assistance in the form of trailer escorts for the proper management of oversized shipments.

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Permits and Licensing

Flatbed trucking between Canada and the U.S requires certain permits and licensing. The same thing goes for flatbed shipping within Canada. However, you can rest assured that our professional drivers are provided with the licensing permits required to move flatbed freight to the desired location.

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Ease of Loading

The open nature of a standard flatbed trailer allows for easy loading. Therefore, if you are worried about a decline in the integrity of your shipments due to loading and unloading, our flatbed trucking services will help you avoid this. More importantly, the unloading and loading process is handled by experts with valuable hands-on experience. All Freight Shipping offers valuable all-round professionalism.

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Cost-Effective Flatbed Trucking in Toronto

All Freight Shipping provides flatbed trailers for hire for a variety of cargo types. Essentially, our flatbed shipping services can be used to move different materials at the same time. Therefore, we can move materials for interior work, framing lumber, supplies for a construction project and more. That means that you can save money on shipping costs. With our flatbed shipping, you can move different items at the same for fast project completion. Savings on shipping and delivery also mean that you can enjoy higher profit margins.

Find out more about the All Freight flatbed shipping experience. Speak with our representatives to earn a free estimate.

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