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Air Freight Shipping in Toronto

All Freight Shipping is fully committed to making your air freight shipping a simple, affordable and seamless process. In today’s global world, more often than not, there is a need for businesses and people to ship items overseas at the fastest possible rate. This is what we offer you.

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As one of the top trucking and shipping companies in Toronto, we have considerable experience dealing with different types of air cargo. As a result, we have been able to fine-tune our air shipping and cargo transportation services to fit different unique needs. All Freight Shipping is fully committed to making shipping by air an effective option for your personal and business needs.

All Freight Shipping offers the delivery of air cargo throughout Canada. Additionally, our air freight transportation and shipping services cover the United States, Europe, Asia, South and Central America as well as other worldwide destinations.

Shipping cargo by air should not be a complicated process. With the professionalism and the options that we offer, it can become a simple part of your business routine. Our affordable air shipping services are optimized to include both door-to-airport and airport-to-airport services.

If it is more convenient for you, you can drop off your air freight at any of our locations across Canada. We will take it from there, ensuring that it reaches the destination without any delays and issues. All Freight Shipping can even pick up air cargo at your place of business/residence if that is more comfortable.

We Handle All Types of Air Freight

At All Freight Shipping, we’ve got the resources, manpower and experience to handle all types of air cargo. Our versatile logistics experts can take care of personal, international and commercial air cargo shipping needs.

Depending on the size of your air shipment, we will find a safe, appropriate container for it. Our handlers will also take the time to box, palletize or crate your shipments. Finally, to avoid any unnecessary delays in the transportation of your cargo, we also handle all clearance and customs paperwork.

All Freight Shipping will handle your air freight with immense care and speed. Discuss your air shipping needs with any of our representatives today!

Additionally, we offer different pricing models based on the destination city. All Freight Shipping takes care of every conceivable need that arises with the speedy movement of air cargo. However, it also means that you will have to cover air transportation charges, warehousing and documentation costs.

Finally, your air freight will also be subject to extra charges at the destination. These charges will vary based on the pricing models used in the destination city. Customs clearance, duties and taxing are some of the necessary costs that have to be handled.

To know how much air cargo shipments will cost you, speak to one of our representatives today. We will also provide you with a free quote.

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Air Shipments – Cost and Pricing

As part of our commitment to making air freight delivery accessible to the average resident in Canada, we provide this service at highly affordable rates. Majorly, the cost of air cargo shipping is a function of the weight of your shipment.

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Some Of The Reasons

Air Cargo Shipping in Toronto – Choose All Freight Shipping

When you chose our logistics experts to handle your air freight, you can expect the following

Fast Turnaround

We have built up an extensive network of air carriers that operate in different countries. Therefore, we have the resources to get your air freight to its destination country as soon as possible.

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Professional Service

With All Freight Shipping, the departure and arrival times that we promise are delivered strictly. Our air shipping services are designed to cater for any unforeseen situations including flight delays.

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Extensive Reach

All Freight Shipping delivers air cargo everywhere. Our large network allows us to guarantee the safe delivery of your freight regardless of the destination.

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Guaranteed Security

Shipping your air cargo with us comes with an assurance of the safety of your items. Our air carriers and shipment handlers take extra precautions to make sure your cargo is safely managed. Additionally, we provide reduced exposure for your shipments and consequently a reduction in safety risk.

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