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How To Save Money on the Cost of Air Freight Shipments

Air freight is much faster than shipping freight. However, for most, the cost of shipping by air is too high. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to save money on air freight shipments. While there are a few cost-saving strategies for air shipments out there, you have to take the time to understand them. That’s how you’ll learn how to apply them.

Air shipping is indeed pricey. However, it comes with the benefit of speedy and more comfortable cargo transport. Similarly, air freight shipping is fast and efficient as compared to ocean freight. 

In this article, we will share some smart tips to save money on air shipments. No need to worry about the high costs of shipping by air. You can save that money for your other business needs.

Strategies to Save Money On Air Freight Shipments

Are you looking for ways on how to reduce the cost of air freight shipments? Below are some of the smart tips to help you save from your air freight cargo shipping costs.

Ship Out All Your Items Once

The golden rule that answers how to save money on air freight shipments is the “more cargo, less often.” Remember that there are two main factors to consider as to the pricing of air freight delivery. The two elements are the distance and the weight of whatever item you are shipping.

If you ship more small and light shipments, the cost you pay will cover the distance factor every time you ship. If you combine all your cargo into one large shipment, you’ll pay a massive sum of money all at once. However, it is probably way cheaper than the first option as you will only do it once.

However, take note that this tip doesn’t match up with every business’ needs. It may work or might not match up with your cash flow as well. So, evaluate your business needs first. 

Use a Consolidation Transport Service

Suppose your business ships out relatively small packages regularly. Consolidation shipping services are ideal for you. Consolidation shipping services take small packages and bundle them together with other shipments, in the ‘spare space.’

Rather than paying for all the space, which is expensive, you can ‘fill in the gaps’ with another business’ shipment. It is a good solution on how to save money on air freight shipments as you avoid paying for the entire space. 

You are obliged to pay only for what you use. On the other hand, the company shipping the more massive shipment also saves money by not paying for empty spaces. With all of this, you can get affordable shipping costs.

Get Long-term Agreement

One of the cost-saving strategies for air shipments is to negotiate with your provider. For the best air shipment services in Canada, develop a relationship with your logistics partner. 

Doing this is more valuable than short-term services with other providers. Talk to your regular shipping provider about setting up a long term agreement that benefits you both.

Prioritize Your Shipments

Wondering how to save money on air freight shipments? Prioritize your transport by urgency. Some items can be delayed to go by boat or road. Using a mix of transportation methods based on the urgency of shipments can lessen your air freight costs. 

It’s a smart and easy way to save money on your shipments. To make it work successfully, make sure that the staff involved in your shipping process know what shipments to prioritize.

Be Wise About Product Packaging

Besides prioritizing your shipments, one of the tips to save money on air shipments is to understand the packaging. We know that most people are a little more cautious when it comes to air shipping. 

Many customers are a bit nervous when shipping their packages on airplanes because of the speed and its potential turbulence. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the proper packaging of products. 

How does packaging relate to cost-saving strategies for air shipments? If your cargo is damaged during shipping due to improper packaging, it will be a waste of money. Improper packaging makes your package prone to damage. Also, if you’re shipping very sturdy products, save money by stripping back some of the packaging. You see, the packaging they use is a two-way street that can help you save money on air freight shipping costs.

Ship During Off-Peak

Shipping during off-peak season is one of the major keys on how to save money on air freight shipments. Take note that some days are more expensive than other days. You must understand when the cost of shipping is low. 

Also, the low-cost day/season depends on demand. Although most of the time, Friday is the cheapest day to ship on — at least in Canada and the USA. The main reason is most recipients want to be stocked for the weekend rush. They will want to receive goods on Thursday or Friday. Thus, their items will have been shipped on Wednesday or Thursday.

Sending your packages during less-busy times is part of how to reduce the cost of air freight shipments. It would be best if you learned how to hack this trick and say goodbye to high air freight shipping costs.

Outsource Your Shipping Needs

If you have a small business, you do not necessarily have a pressing need for a freight team. With this in mind, you should get reliable air shipment services in Canada. Outsource your shipping management needs to a logistics company. They can sort everything out for you for half the cost of a full-time member of staff.

These are some tips on how to save money on air freight shipments that you can apply to your business. However, you can’t use all these strategies for all types of business. You must understand your needs and consider the critical factors first.

Key Takeaways

A low air freight bill is what most business companies and merchants are searching for nowadays. Hence we have provided you with some of the tips on how to save money on air freight shipments. If you would like to get an estimated cost for your air freight shipping, visit All Freight Shipping. Call us at (647) 691-5535. Let’s help you save money and increase your bottom line.