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LTL shipping

How To Save Money on the Cost of Air Freight Shipments

Air freight is much faster than shipping freight. However, for most, the cost of shipping by air is too high. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to save money on air freight shipments. While there are a few cost-saving strategies for air shipments out

How to Document and Prepare LTL Shipments

For someone new to shipping, knowing how to carry out LTL shipments can be a complex endeavour. If you want to know how to document and prepare LTL shipments, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn the necessary steps for

Benefits of LTL Shipping

When used effectively, there are several benefits that LTL shipping offers for a business. LTL shipping, also known as Less-than-Truckload shipping, is a popular form of freight shipping. Logistics is a major part of business, and as the (name suggests) if there is any shipment

Best Practices For LTL Shipping

Generally, following LTL shipping best practices can make deliveries simpler and smoother. Less than truckload shipping has proven to be a significant and cost-effective option to move somewhat small amounts of freight. However, the demand for LTL capacity is high and sometimes higher than the