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Author: paul shteyn

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Van Freight Shipping

Most people assume that dry van freight shipping in Canada is the best option for their freight. However, if you’re unsure about which shipping method you should use for freight, the first thing you need is knowledge. Learning about the different kinds of shipping methods

Why Choose Cross-border Shipping

Why Choose Cross-border Shipping?

Cross-border shipping occurs when goods are transported from one country to the next. This kind of shipping has no inventory being stored in the destination country. The commodities/goods will go through customs and import duties. As an exporter, you may have to pay this depending

Air Freight Shipping Implications to Landlocked Countries

Air Freight Shipping Implications to Landlocked Countries

One of the main factors limiting airfreight’s volume in developing countries is the lack of significant two-way volume activity. Landlocked countries need to improve operations at their airports to speed up air freight shipping. They should liberalize access to foreign airlines, as well.   Air

Ocean Freight Shipping Sea Freight Rates and Logistics

Ocean Freight Shipping: Ocean Freight Rates and Logistics

What is Ocean Freight Shipping? Ocean freight shipping or sea freight transport is the shipping method of goods by the sea via shipping containers. Among all the methods of shipping, ocean freight is the most common mode of transport that importers and exporters use. As