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 LTL Freight Shipping Costs: Rates in Canada and the USA

Do you have a business that includes shipping goods within the USA, in Canada, or across other borders? Have you experienced getting stuck in a situation where you only have a few boxes of goods to deliver? And sometimes your carrier will quote you for a full truck though you only have a small number of goods. Mind you that getting a full track for your few boxes of goods is too expensive. But worry not because there is a great solution to lessen your good shipping cost.

Fortunately, using LTL (Less than Truckload) shipping service can help you ship your freight to various locations around the country. The LTL shipping service can provide a cost-effective, and flexible shipping option to your customer/clients. With LTL shipping your freight is secured and safely transported through pallets or skids. Whether you have a conglomerate or a single store, LTL shipping is the best option for you. Besides, pallet shipping adds up the efficiency and safety of handling and moving your goods.

So why pay for a full truck when you can share the cost of one with other shippers like yours?


What is LTL Freight Shipping?

Freight shipping has been the power of commerce for some decades. However, as time passes, businesses need unique solutions for sending different types of freight in an expedited manner or non-standard. This is the main reason why Full Truckload and LTL freight shipping (Less-Than-Truckload) exist. This type of freight shipping can save business money and help them better serve their customers.

LTL freight shipping is also called Less than Truckload. It is a method of transporting multiple goods or freight owned by different businesses using one truck. These freights can weigh between 150 and 15,000 lbs. These irregular freight lots are packed on pallets, which can save more money than a full truck. LTL freight shipping enables small shippers to get their freight to where it needs to be. Same us full truck freights are delivered at the same speed and shipped via truck. Over the last decade, LTL is considered a popular freight service because medium-sized lots have opened up. If you have medium-sized lots that needed to be shipped from the US to Canada, LTL is a good option.

If you need to ship from the US to Canada, All Freight Shipping presents the best cost-saving solution.


How does the LTL Freight Shipping Process work?

Generally, the ideal weight for shipments for LTL is between 150 and 15,000 lbs. Lots that weigh less than 150 lbs. is handled by parcel carriers such as Fed-Ex or the USPS. Whereas, lots of 15,000 or more are considered the domain of every freight shipper. LTL shipping is best for shipping lots in between this weight range from Canada to US regions, economically.

Typically, LTL carriers are using a “hub and spoke” arrangement where freight is delivered by the customer. Then this is palletized at the carrier’s “spoke terminal”. These two ways are usually called as “LTL common carriers.” 

Once the freight is packed on a standard trailer it will be sent to the central hub. This is sent to the central hub for further consolidation and shifting before delivering the pallet to its destination. This destination is known as DCS or distribution centers. Whereas, the process is called “line hauling.” The line hauling process takes longer than full truckload shipping (FTL). The reason is, freights are moved between trucks, then different hub stations, and are packed carefully.

Local drivers working at the spoke terminals usually load up and make pickups from their regular routes in the morning. Afterward, they will deliver freight to be packed and sorted from long-range delivery. In the afternoon, they will make deliveries to clients who they regularly serve.


Advantages of LTL Shipping

LTL from All Freights Shipping offers inexpensive freight shipping for clients. Most particularly to those who need to have their medium-sized lots shipped in a reasonable amount of time. In today’s environment, it’s cheaper and safer to let an experienced LTL shipper handle the logistics of your shipment. All Freight Shipping is cheaper and flexible than other enterprise shipping companies. Using LTL to transport goods to Canada from the US or vice versa is the most economical choice for your business. 

Benefits of LTL Shipping Services in All Freight Shipping

  • A reliable network of carriers across Canada as well as in the US. This means that we can get your shipments delivered speedily.
  • Cost-effective means of getting less than truckload cargo to its delivery point.
  • All shipments are transported by experienced drivers outfitted with the necessary permits and licensing required to transport shipments across Canada.
  • Negotiated pricing based on the total volume of shipments.

LTL Freight Shipping Costs From Canada to the USA?

When it comes to LTL freight shipping costs, the pricing depends on multiple factors. Less than truckload shipping offers huge savings on costs when compared to full truckload shipments. With this freight service, you can take up as little or as much capacity as you need without paying extra. Additionally, we provide the option of transporting different cargo to different locations along the same route. Depending on where you are shipping to, this offers you significant savings on the LTL freight shipping costs.

Check out our LTL Freight Quote form for more details. Also, remember that our freight representatives will happily help you with a quote. We normally estimate for shipping from Canada to the USA and vice versa.


Is my Shipment Safe?

All Freight Shipping is a fully insured and bonded freight shipper that provides services on the west coast of the US and Canada. We are also the leading provider of less than truckload freight shipping in Toronto. Shipping items that will not fill up a container requires a certain level of flexibility to offer speedy, secure deliveries. Here, we offer you this level of flexibility.


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