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Effective Solutions to 4 Common Freight Delivery Issues

The use of trucking and delivery services often come with different challenges. As a business owner or manager, one of your primary tasks is finding solutions to common freight delivery issues. Usually, decent execution is a must whenever moving freight is a regular operation.

Also, shipping influences the bottom line of every e-commerce business. This is because your customers want multiple freight options, free returns, on-time delivery, and free shipping. No matter the quantity of your shipment, it’s important to find a way to deliver without issues.

However, loss, damage, or delays in the shipping process can influence your business and lessen customer confidence. Hence, it’s essential to recognize the necessary shipping procedures to distinguish possible red flags. This article will explain effective solutions to common freight delivery issues and trucking mistakes.

Product Demand planning

Planning for a future product demand is the first in a line of effective solutions to common freight delivery issues. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, demand planning is a common freight delivery problem. Not because it is inevitable but because people tend to overlook it most times. However, the more buyers you have, the more you’ll encounter supply chain challenges like this one.

In such cases, failure to have a standard plan on how to meet the demand will result in freight delivery problems. In fact, if you don’t have a plan, your first customers may not purchase from you again. There will be delays in product delivery, leading to increased cost and duration of transactions. Hence, always have a strategy to account for changes in product demand.

Solution: Keep Records of your Sales Flow

Keeping your sales record is one of the best solutions to common freight delivery issues. Firstly, determine the whole sales from your retailing campaign by relating it to your business benchmarks. You can also match it with your previous performance to determine future demand.

Additionally, knowing how much you can sell within a specific timeline will make it easier to overcome demand problems. Also, it’ll make it easier to choose a third-party trucking and shipping service in Canada or the USA. They can solve all kinds of problems for you — from shipping to warehousing and inventory management.

Package Loss or Damage 

Packages can suffer damage. Also, once it’s out of your warehouse the possibility of this happening is very real. The box can encounter bad landing, placement or even get scratched before reaching its destination. Usually, this can be frustrating and disappointing, especially when they cost so much. Imagine having rejected goods because of damages during the trucking and freight delivery process.

Generally, your customer will not want to receive a damaged product. Neither will they want to go through the hassle of asking for a refund. Nevertheless, even if you offer refunds (which will involve packaging), your response to the situation will determine whether they will patronize you next time.

Solution: Obtain a Secure Insurance Policy and Inform your Customers About the Protection

If you’re looking for solutions to common freight delivery issues like damages or loss of items, consider getting protection in the form of insurance. If you package your products adequately and they encounter damage, you can easily avoid losing money if you have insurance protection. Usually, most carriers offer protection as an economical add-on. Also, you have the alternative to choose third-party insurance companies.

Freight Costs

Several factors determine how much you will spend on freight shipping in Canada or the USA. Your shipment weight is one of such factors. It impacts the rate your packages will incur by the carrier. Usually, shippers must spend on a quality measuring scale to align weights and the preset freight charges. However, if you’re estimating weights and without a standard scale and your carrier’s weight estimation is more than your initial weight, they’ll charge a reweigh fee.

Also, some varieties of products require specific licenses or permits while in transit. As a result, these are more costly to ship. This is because the drivers and equipment for goods transportation are rarely available in the market.

Solution: Boost Your Freight Costs

One of the best solutions to such common freight delivery issues is to sustain profitability while satisfying your customers alongside. If you don’t have a hint on how much the shipping cost will be, you can speak to different trucking and freight delivery services in Canada. Also, you can look into several freight brokers or carriers who can negotiate cheaper rates for you.

Furthermore, understanding the variation between “dimensional weight” and “dead weight” of your shipment will be helpful. Generally, “dimensional weight” is calculated by the total amount of space your package takes up in a plane or truck. In contrast, “dead weight” is the actual package weight. 

Dimensional weight is the actual determinant of the cost you have to pay for shipping and freight delivery services. Use this figure to plan your shipments. 

Issues with Warehouse Inventory Management

Some of the most common trucking mistakes come from poor inventory management. A warehouse with poor management often makes it unnecessarily complex to ship products out. Imagine a situation where items are out-of-stock for days before being aware of it. Or when orders are coming in for items that are out of stock because of poor inventory management.

Also, a significant problem you must be aware of is damaged products in your inventory. Shipping bad goods to your customers will only dissuade them from buying from you next time. Not to consider the money you’ll lose once they ask for a refund.

Solution: Build an Inventory Management System

Hire warehouse workers whom you can trust completely and keep your inventory safe. The quicker your warehouse can prepare and ship orders, the quicker you’ll make money as well.

Also, you must maintain real-time data and always update your online storefront. This will enable your customers to know what to order and when to expect a new stock alert. To make this process more effective, ensure there is excellent communication between you and a supplier who can update you about recent changes.


Generally, there are several other common trucking and freight delivery issues you can encounter. With our solutions to common freight delivery issues, you can boost the productivity of your freight delivery system. These solutions are practical and will help you put your business ahead of others.

All these are effective ways to avoid freight delivery issues, but for a busy entrepreneur, it can be hard to find the time to make the necessary changes. We can help with that. Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer solution-oriented freight delivery and trucking services. Contact us today to get started now!