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Storage Trailers vs Containers: Which is Best For Business?

If you search for warehousing solutions in Canada, you may encounter the terms “trailers” and “containers.” But do you know the difference between storage trailers vs containers? If you need additional space capacity for your items, storage is the solution. However, when it comes to storage, there are two common options. They are storage trailers and containers.

Between storage trailers vs containers, both offer various benefits that cater to specific business needs. Besides, these two storage options can cover all of your short and long term storage needs. 

If you plan to expand the storage space you have, you can opt for either of the two. However, you must first understand the essential factors that govern how to choose between storage trailers and containers. Note that knowing the best storage option is crucial to a smooth-running logistics business process. 

In light of that, we are here to help you find the best storage option for your business. In this article, we will discuss storage trailers vs containers: features, purposes and benefits.

Storage Trailers vs Containers: What is the Best Option For Your Business?

Here are the important details you need to know:

Storage Trailers

Are you planning to rent a trailer for your business? You can check the advantages of storage trailers to help you decide if it suits your business needs. Unlike containers, storage trailers are at dock level and moveable. 

Having portable storage and placement at the proper level can save you time and energy. So, if you need a loading dock or you are transporting your items from warehouse to warehouse, choose a storage trailer.

When it comes to the size of storage trailers vs containers, a trailer unit’s width is wider than a container. Note that the size of storage matters if you store your items on pallets and need space capacity. Also, the loading and unloading of products become much more comfortable with a storage trailer. 

When it comes to either a short-term or long-term purpose, trailers are the best option for your warehousing solutions in Canada. They also offer the benefit of accessibility and transferability.   Therefore, storage trailers for businesses in Canada are perfect if you need a warehouse-friendly and mobile way of storing your products. 

Storage Containers

Storage containers serve a different function and purpose compared to storage trailers. Usually, containers are at ground level, and they generally function as shipping containers. Unlike a trailer, a storage container is transferred to its location using a tilt bed or flatbed truck —not through wheels.

Between storage trailers vs containers, storage containers are the best for ocean freight services. They are made and designed to serve as a stack room for optimal storage purposes. The best part is they are low maintenance, regardless of the climate.

Containers are best for you if you are looking for more than one unit of storage. If you need stackable storage with low maintenance and ground-level access, then a storage container is ideal for you.

Essential Points to Consider Between Storage Trailers and Containers

Wondering how to choose between storage trailers and containers? Consider the answers to this question to solve your storage trailers vs container dilemma. 

  • Are you only looking for storage to expand your current storage capacity needs?
  • Are you a first-time user of storage warehousing solutions Canada? 
  • Do you require massive storage or one unit storage?
  • How much space do you want to add to your existing storage capacity?
  • Would you prefer to have easy and frequent access to your items?
  • Are your items stored in pallets?
  • Do your goods need to be transported?

Storage Trailers vs Containers: Advantages, Uses and Features

Below are the following details about the specific use, functions, and features of storage trailers and containers.


Storage trailers are generally wider compared to storage containers. Trailers usually measure 8 feet, 6 inches wide.

  • Their size makes pallets fit within the interior easily.
  • Storage trailers require a Federal Highway Administration license
  • Trailers have axles and wheels that are easily removable. 
  • If you want to move your items to or from the facility at the docking level, choose a trailer.
  • Storage trailers cannot be stacked as compared to containers.
  • These trailers require a high level of maintenance. You need to take care of them like a vehicle. Its maintenance period will be based on how far and how long it travels.
  • One of the main advantages of storage trailers is the loading and unloading process. It is more convenient with storage trailers than containers.
  • Trailers provide easy transferability and accessibility.

Storage Containers

Storage containers provide more protection against human-made and natural elements.

  • If you prefer ocean transit shipments, between storage trailers vs containers, containers are the best option.
  • During transport, storage containers provide a more secure shipping environment.
  • Using these containers offer more cost-saving opportunities compared to a trailer.
  • Containers are more readily available than storage trailers.
  • Containers are ideal choices for ground-level storage. They permit easy access to the items available within the container without using a ramp or ladder.
  • One of their primary purposes is to stack and load cargo to save on needed space.
  • To move storage containers, you need a flatbed or bed truck. It has no wheels, unlike trailers.
  • Storage containers only need low maintenance. So, it is one of the best warehousing solutions available in Canada. You only need to check the roof to make sure there is no water collecting on top. From time to time, you may need to put oil on the door.
  • Storage containers are best used if you need more than a single unit of storage. 
  • Easy-to-maintain stackable container. 

Final Thoughts

Before you decide what to choose between storage trailers vs containers, it’s crucial to understand them first. You have to familiarize yourself with the differences between a container and trailer storage. Also, it is essential to know your business’ storage preferences and requirements. 

If you are looking for storage trailers for your business in Canada or the USA, contact All Freight Shipping. We offer cost-saving, reliable and efficient warehousing solutions that will be customized for your business.