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Trucking Service: Why Consider A Refrigerated Trailer

Over the years, refrigerated trailers have become very popular amongst many business owners. However, knowing the various benefits of these ingenious trailers, it does not come as quite a surprise. Are you wondering why many entrepreneurs consider using a refrigerated trailer? The key is to understand what these trucks are all about, especially various benefits for freight delivery.

Many business owners have lost truckloads (forgive the pun) of money due to temperature fluctuations in their en-route cargo. Thankfully, advancements in technology have brought about what we now know as refrigerated trucks. All you have to do is take advantage of them.

Refrigerated trucking services have been saving businesses since 1925, almost a century ago. Indeed many companies may not exist, much less thrive, without refrigerated trucks. However, not every business can benefit from using refrigerated trucks to move their freight. In light of this, we will help you understand when to use refrigerated trucking services in Canada.

In this blog post, we will give you insight into why you should consider a refrigerated trailer. In other words, it will help you understand why you need refrigerated trucking services. 

Not only that, but you will also find tips on when to use these trucks and how to get them. Keep reading to find out more about refrigerated trucking in Canada.

When To Use Refrigerated Trucking Services

Before we show you why you should consider a refrigerated trailer, let us see when they are necessary. Ideally, the answer to the question of when to use refrigerated trucking services should be this – every time!

You see, every cargo you transport can benefit from travelling in refrigerated trucks. We do not necessarily say you should pack them in freezing temperatures. No! But, a cooler temperature is usually kinder to a cargo of any kind. Everything from machine parts to fashion items and even tech gadgets fare better in colder environments.

But using refrigerated trucks for every cargo is not practical. For one, it may put a strain on business owners in terms of cost. Not to mention the imbalance it may cause trucking companies as the demand will undoubtedly outweigh supply.

That said, we certainly do not advise you to use refrigerated trucks to transport every cargo. However, there are specific occasions when you cannot afford to forgo using refrigerated trailers. Let us look at some instances when it is best to use refrigerated trucking services for freight.

Delivery of perishable edible items 

If your business is one that involves transporting perishables such as food, fruits and vegetables, you certainly need refrigerated trailers. You see, you need to make sure your food items arrive at their destinations fresh and healthy. 

Otherwise, they may be worthless to you and others. So, if you’re moving food and other edibles, you should use refrigerated trucking services in Canada.

Delivery of drugs and pharmaceuticals

Most drugs have strict requirements for storage temperatures. More often than not, they need to be in lower temperatures to ensure viability and efficacy. 

So, if you are transporting medicine, this is certainly an occasion when you need to use refrigerated trucking services. Not only will your drugs travel safely at optimum temperature, but you can control the coolness accordingly. 

Delivery of cold drinks and other liquids

The transport and delivery of cold drinks is another reason why you should consider a refrigerated trailer. Beverages are generally not perishable in the short-term. But, if you need them chilled when they get to their destination, there is only one way around it. You may have to use refrigerated trucking services.

Delivery of special items

Other unique items require a specific temperature to preserve their quality. This includes chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes and even paint, amongst others. Antique objects and works of art are also very temperature-sensitive. So, when you need to transport such unique items, you should use refrigerated trucking services. 

Why You Need Refrigerated Trailers: The Advantages You Should Know

There are many benefits of using refrigerated trucking services in Canada. In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you why you should consider a refrigerated trailer for your freight.

Your goods retain their quality.

Irrespective of what you are transporting, refrigerated trailers can help you keep them fresh and undamaged. By moving food items, chemicals and particular objects though refrigerated trucking services, you can ensure they reach their destination in premium conditions. This way, your products don’t lose their value and subsequently cost you money.

Your freight can travel longer distances

Temperature fluctuations can do a lot to limit the distance over which you can move your cargo. This is another reason why you should consider a refrigerated trailer. With refrigerated trucking services, the horizon is broader. 

You can move your products over way longer distances without worrying about temperature changes. Indeed, you can do interstate transport or even from one country to another. Here at All Freight Shipping, our temperature-controlled trucks can travel from:

  • Vancouver to Toronto
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Calgary to Toronto
  • Edmonton to Toronto
  • New York To Toronto
  • California to Toronto
  • Dallas to Toronto
  • Chicago to Toronto
  • New Jersey to Toronto

You can control the temperature in transit

Some cargo, such as fresh food and pharmaceuticals, are very sensitive to temperature changes. This means that you will need to make sure your products maintain a constant temperature while in transit. Thankfully, refrigerated trailers can achieve this very conveniently. Not only will they keep your cargo cool, but you can also adjust the temperature if necessary.

The trucks are versatile

Irrespective of the nature of your business, we have refrigerated trailers for you in Toronto. You see, a variety of industries can take advantage of refrigerated trucking services. Diary, meat, fish, and pharmaceutical companies are only a few in the industry. Therefore, as a business owner, you can certainly find the perfect refrigerator trailer that suits your needs.

Your shipment is safer

Finally, no entrepreneur can rest easy knowing that their shipments are not safe. But, when you use refrigerated trucking services in Canada, you can be sure your freight is in good hands. 

Refrigerated trailers do not only protect your goods from harsh weather but reduce the chances of damage, loss and burglary. Therefore, safety is another point on why you consider a refrigerated trailer. 

Wrap Up

Transporting perishable goods over long distances used to be a massive problem in the past. Thankfully, refrigerated trucking services have made things so much more convenient. Hopefully, you now see why you need to consider a refrigerated trailer for your transport needs. They not only help your products travel longer distances but ensure they retain their quality.

Do you require refrigerated trucking services? Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer reliable temperature-controlled shipping across Canada and the USA. Contact us today to get started. Call +16476915535 today!