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Why Flatbed Shipping is Best For Your Oversized Items

As a business owner that has to move freight from one location to another, you may wonder why flatbed shipping is best for your oversized items. Firstly, flatbed shipping is not just suitable for a heavy load that doesn’t require covering, they are suitable for oversized items. Also, they are cost-efficient and wouldn’t put your items at risk.

Flatbed shipping offers added dimensional versatility for big freight as there are no physical walls. Where dry van trailers are filled from the back, flatbed trucks can be packed from either side, in addition to the back. This offers a higher level of versatility and a faster loading/unloading process. 

Even within the trucking industry itself, one breed of transportation stands out among the rest as particularly daunting — flatbed transportation. However, drivers willing to forge ahead despite the risks often see that flatbed transportation can be an incredibly rewarding career choice. You see, people who need to move oversized weight from place to place are willing to pay a premium price to get their freight shipped. 

Are you wondering whether flatbed shipping is the best option for your cargo? This blog has the answers you need. In it, we explore the benefits of flatbed shipping and why it’s best for moving oversized freight in Toronto and the US. 

Why Choose Flatbed Shipping

Before exploring the reasons why flatbed shipping is best for your oversized items, it makes sense to consider its benefits over other shipping and trucking service options. Contrary to general opinion, flatbeds come in several different forms and are available across the four major shipping methods; namely, rail, air, ocean, and ground. 

They’re not all necessarily the type of elongated truck with beds that many are used to seeing on highways and public roads. There are also containers, including refrigerated options, trailers, train cars and many more that can be considered flatbeds. As a result, here at All Freight Shipping, we can offer flatbed shipping to a wide range of locations including:

  • Vancouver to Toronto
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Calgary to Toronto
  • Edmonton to Toronto
  • New York To Toronto
  • California to Toronto
  • Dallas to Toronto
  • Chicago to Toronto
  • New Jersey to Toronto

Generally, flatbeds are used when material loads are bulky and too difficult to lift without heavy machinery. That may or may not include construction materials such as wood, steel, masonry and more. Additionally, some types of freight may be difficult to access, making it challenging to retrieve through conventional means. In cases like this, flatbed shipping is the best option. 

Below are a few other reasons why flatbed shipping is best for your oversized items:

Larger goods mean larger transport 

The primary reason why flatbeds shipping is best for your oversized items is that larger goods demand larger transport. The larger the goods and materials, the larger the transport option needs to be. That makes flatbeds the obvious choice. Everything from furniture and large electronics to an online-order for building materials speaks to a need for larger transports.

Online retail channels are especially seeing an increase in purchases and activity, and many of the big names are starting to offer new goods. Amazon, for example, has a vast selection of furniture for both indoors and outside. Other companies as well, carry large items too and offer free residential shipping. For companies like this, flatbed shipping may be the best option to get goods to the desired location. 

Easy to load and offload

The flatbed trailer is open with no confined walls. This makes it easier to load from whichever direction. Consequently, loading is more efficient as it can be done with a forklift from the ground rather than having to dock for loading. No matter the size of freight you’re looking to load, flatbeds can make the process easier.

Freight remains well secured

When loading material on a flatbed, it’s important to secure the load from all angles to avoid damage. The truck driver should be able to see from all angles and figure what’s the best places to secure. However, the fact that this is a possibility is why flatbed shipping is great for oversized items.

Using chains or straps, the load is secured firmly from different sides to prevent unnecessary sliding or tilting. Also, the cargo can be covered with tarps for more protection during the trip.

Benefits of Flatbed Shipping

When it comes to larger freight that does not fit within the walls of a standard truck or van, flatbed shipping is the ideal form of transportation. Regardless of the size, your goods can reach their destination with same-day shipping services. 

Due to its versatility and convenience, flatbed truck delivery has become a popular method of shipping. Many industries utilize flatbed truck delivery including construction companies, farmers, home builders, and manufacturers. If you work in an industry that needs to deliver large freight such as auto parts, construction equipment, generators, lumber, excavators, or tubing and steel, you’ll need a vehicle that can manage the equipment of various sizes. Flatbed trucks are designed without physical walls; therefore, they offer dimensional flexibility.

Other benefits of flatbed shipping include:

  • Ability to ship large heavy loads: Flatbed trucking allows clients to ship heavy freight.
  • Flatbed trucking services enable you to transport less than truckload freight that’s very bulky.
  • Can be unloaded without the need for a loading dock. This saves you from the headache associated with dock appointments.


Flatbed shipping is essential in the world of towing, agriculture or dumping. When you are considering which trucking service would benefit your business, ensure to consider the load weight, size, loading, and unloading aids. Farm equipment and tractors, airplane parts and military equipment can also be transported on a flatbed. For safety, our drivers often ensure that their cargo is well chained and well secured to avoid any incidents or accidents.

Flatbed shipping is the best option for oversized freight or cargo that requires versatile loading options. From the above, you can see the various advantages that flatbed shipping offers for oversized items. However, take your time to understand the process so as to know the when to use flatbed shipping.

Here are All Freight Shipping, we offer flatbed trucking services in Canada and the US. If you’re not sure whether it’s the best option for you, call +16476915535 to speak to a friendly rep. Together, we can find the best trucking service for you!