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What are the Cheapest Flatbed Freight Shipping Rates in Canada?

Most companies in every industry have various projects that involve the transportation or shipping of multiple cargo shipments. These transport projects typically cover the movement of over-dimensional or heavy cargo like construction equipment, steel structures, transformers, boilers, etc.

The best option for the transportation of such goods is flatbed freight shipping. This is done with a vehicle that has a truck cab to which a cargo-carrying trailer is attached. Furthermore, knowledge of the cheapest flatbed freight in Canada can boost the efficiency of your operations. Keep reading to find out the cost of flatbed freight shipping from Vancouver to Toronto and how you can reduce it!

What is Flatbed Freight Shipping?

Generally, a flatbed truck has a length of 48 feet and a width of 8.5 feet. The typical maximum load weight for a flatbed truck is about 48,000 pounds. Flatbed freight shipping is one of the types of truckload shipping that uses an open bed trailer. Usually, flatbed trucking companies transport cargo that is hard to load into a dry van.

When it comes to the flatbed shipping costs from Vancouver to Toronto, the dimensions of the vehicle you need can affect it. Basically, the shipping rates depend on your cargo load. However to avoid surprise rates, always make sure to give your trucking company the exact dimensions of your shipment. Also, if you have specific needs, you should discuss it ahead with your shipping partner. Whether you are moving cargo from Vancouver to Toronto or Montreal To Toronto, these rules apply. 

Types of Flatbed Freight Shipping Mode

Flatbed trailers are designed to carry different types of cargo. Also, each trailer comes in various dimensions and capacities. Depending on the type, you may actually be able to find the lowest flatbed freight shipping rates in Canada.

Standard Flatbed

  • 42’-53’ in length.
  • Used for shipping cargo that fits within the 8’6” height/width.
  • It does not need special permits or escorts within most state transportation systems. This rule holds as long as the freight is within the proper height, width, length, or weight. 
  • The main version of this standard flatbed can extend up to 70’ in length.

Drop/Step Deck Flatbeds

  • It is 42’-48’ in length
  • Its upper deck has a length of 11’-12’ with the same height as the standard flatbed
  • Drop/step decks are lower than standard flatbeds. 
  • They accommodate cargo with a maximum height of 10’2” and max-width of 8’6”.
  • The main version of the drop deck can extend an additional 23’ in length.
  • It does not require special permits or any escort vehicles in most provinces or states if the freight does not exceed the legal limit. The typical height and width of the drop deck are 10’2” and up to 44,000 lbs in weight. However, it depends on the state or province.

Double Drop Deck Flatbed

  • It is 42’-48’ in length
  • The front upper deck length is 11’6,” and the rear upper deck length is 10’6”.
  • The second dropped deck length is 20’ or 26’ while the maximum load height is 11’6” and width is 8’6”.
  • This double drop deck’s variable version can extend an additional 12’ in length.
  • It does not require escort vehicles or special permits in most states and provinces. Usually, the height and width on a double drop should be 11.5,’ and its weight up to 44,000 pounds.

The Lowest Flatbed Freight Shipping Rates in Canada 

Knowledge about typical flatbed shipping costs in Toronto is not easy to have access to. There are no exact figures for flatbed freight shipping costs on the internet. Mostly, you will only find some websites that offer you flatbed shipping costs while asking for information to give you a quote.

Generally, the shipping rates of flatbed freight depends on which part of the country you are in and where you are shipping to. Here at All Freight Shipping, we provide services to these routes:  

  • Vancouver to Toronto
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Calgary to Toronto
  • Edmonton to Toronto
  • New York To Toronto
  • California to Toronto
  • Dallas to Toronto
  • Chicago to Toronto
  • New Jersey to Toronto

Generally, the average flatbed freight shipping rates go from $2 to $4 per mile.  Take note that these shipping rates should be considered a very loose estimate. The actual rates vary significantly due to several factors. If these factors align perfectly, you can actually get the lowest flatbed shipping rates in Toronto.

These factors include:

  • The distance between the loading and unloading points
  • The need for loading and unloading equipment
  • Additional services like chains or tarping.
  • Permits and fees that your load might need from local and national government offices. 
  • The type of flatbed truck that you’ll need.
  • The weight and size of your shipment also affect the shipping rates.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Flatbed Freight Shipping

  • Ensure that your shipping partner and its drivers are well experienced and versed in the movement of flatbed cargo. Also, this work requires specialized skills. Ensure that your shipping partner is aware of the safety measures to be considered along the shipping process and route.
  • Allow some time for your shipment. There are some restrictions along the way in terms of how and when the cargo moves. Therefore, your shipment needs enough time to reach its destination safely and securely.
  • Ensure the carrier knows all the local regulations. They should also note the flatbed cargo regulations of every state on the journey. Sometimes, special permits may differ from state to state.
  • Run through the route the cargo will take with your flatbed carrier and ensure that all requirements along that route are taken care of.

Final Thoughts

Tracking your shipment progress is especially important at all times. In most states, a flatbed shipment is only allowed to travel during selected times. Also, flatbed shipping rates are no joke. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the best trucking company for your shipment.

All Freight Shipping provides efficient flatbed trucking services that will help get your cargo across Canada. Our flatbed trailer shipping services can be described as versatile. Therefore, let us help you find the best flatbed transportation options. Discuss your flatbed shipping needs with our representatives. Contact us at or call us at 647-691-5535.