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Why Choose a Cargo Van For Your Business?

Whether you own a big or small commercial business, you still need to move freights and cargo shipments from one place to another. Among all the transportation and shipping options available, cargo vans are one of the best options. There are many automobile brands nowadays that have introduced different cargo van models to solve different pain points. 

Each cargo van model has a specific volume, an attractive interior and an exterior body. Cargo vans such as Sprinter vans are suitable vans for most businesses. Also, if your business carries a large number of passengers, you need big cargo vans. However, if you need a huge space and capacity for freight and volume, choose a bigger cargo van.

In this article, we will discuss why you should consider cargo vans for your business. Also, we will explore the benefits of cargo vans and why you should consider them for your trucking and freight delivery needs.

Benefits of Cargo Van For Your Business

There are many reasons why we recommend cargo vans for businesses in Toronto and the US. Here are a few:

Fuel Efficiency and Extra Mileage Feature

Like any other automobile, cargo vans are made with fuel-saving and extra mileage in mind. These vans carry a 2-stage turbo diesel engine that makes them the most efficient and convenient vans on the road. With cargo vans, you will get the durability that comes in one compact package with an outstanding powertrain. 

The powertrain of cargo vans offers transmission with up to 18% greater fuel efficiency. All in all, these cargo vans have the capability to boost power and fuel efficiency in the best way possible. As a result, freight delivery and trucking services have a higher chance of going smoothly.

Free Advertising Space 

When using this van, you can add an eye-catching business logo on the side of the cargo van. Adding advertisements on your vans offers significant advertisement based benefits for your business. Just by taking a drive across a certain locality, your business may be noticed by up to 70% of motorists (possible clients).

Varied Features

Cargo vans nowadays always exceed the expectations of users due to the functional features they offer. These vans are best for commercial business purposes due to its best-in-class payload. Generally, it has a cargo volume capacity of up to 3000 pounds, which can satisfy most business needs. 

Besides, among all the features that cargo vans offer, their best feature is the spacious interior.  Typically, the interior has a standing height of up to 76 inches that can accommodate 2 to 12 passengers. Plus they usually have a deluxe seating arrangement that fits best to incorporate passengers. It also features an optional and multifunctional steering wheel with a bold gearshift lever. To cap it off, these vans also have a convenient dashboard storage that makes for effective storage. 

High Resale Value

Owning a pre-owned cargo van in good running condition is a good investment. One of the benefits of cargo vans for commercial businesses comes in the form of high resale value. One of the brands that has a high resale value is the used Ford cargo van. 

With a cargo van, it is possible to recoup almost, it not all of your initial investment. Its attributes as an ideal commercial business vehicle, especially when it is well maintained make for this high resale price.


Aside from its multiple features, let’s not forget that choosing a cargo van for your business can make you completely mobile. Many companies are investing in cargo vans due to their mobility. Mobility is an important feature, especially if you are looking to run an online business. 

Cargo vans provide you with the ability to go directly to your customers and meet them where they are located without hassle. Adding a mobile component to any business can open doors to a new group of potential clients.


Some transport drivers handling a commercial vehicle for business may not always feel comfortable driving it. Most of the time, it can be quite uncomfortable, particularly during long drives. Fortunately, there is a full-size cargo van with the comfort level of a minivan or SUV. Aside from that, it also has storage and hauling potential, just like a commercial vehicle.

If you are looking for a vehicle for your business, you should not lose sight of comfort. If you’re going to spend a lot of time driving it, you should choose a vehicle that will help you stay comfortable without a loss in functionality.

Safety Features

Cargo vans incorporate anti-lock brakes, traction control and a backup security camera since they are specifically designed to meet business purposes. With all these security features, your freight is safer, more secure and its movement more convenient. 


Apart from that, it also has electronic stability control and tire-pressure monitors that offer security with high-tech electronic compliance. The blind spot, crosswind, and high beam assists are also some of the cargo vans’ additional features. Cargo vans always have up-to-date security modes to offer the best services to users.


Another thing about these vans is that you can turn them into one big refrigerator. So, if you are a caterer or offering a food delivery service, these vans are right for you. They can take temperature-control to a whole new level. With cargo vans, you can be sure that your food or even floral arrangements are preserved.

You can turn a simple van into a refrigerated cargo van, which will allow you to preserve your food deliveries. By doing so, you can gain more happy and satisfied customers.


There are a variety of cargo vans available on the market. Besides, the categories of cargo vans available is broad. Therefore, before getting one for your commercial business, it would be best if you considered your needs. These vans include models that are long or compact, tall and short plus fuel-efficient.

If you’re new to cargo vans and planning to consider buying one, chances are that you are not wasting your money. With all those benefits and features that cargo vans offer, you can be confident that getting one for your business is a worthwhile investment.

However, buying a cargo van requires a substantial upfront payment. You may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy and maintain one. Thankfully, there is a simple solution that offers all of the benefits of a cargo van and none of the downside — third-party shipping and trucking services like All Freight Shipping.

Cargo vans are the perfect answer for companies that don’t need less than truckload shipping (LTL) or full truckload (FTL) services. Here at All Freight Shipping, we have a team that is well experienced in the small-scale handling of shipments that require the use of cargo vans for seamless transport.

If you are looking for cargo van delivery in Canada and the US, you can email us today at or call us at (647) 691-5535.