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What is the Difference Between Standard and Expedited Shipping?

What is the Difference Between Standard and Expedited Shipping?

Have you ever felt confused about which shipping service to use and why? If you have experienced it, there are also thousands of other retailers facing the same problem. Mostly, buyers prefer to have their packages within the least time possible. Besides, they want the orders to be shipped for free or at least at the lowest price, if possible. As a result, you may have to choose between standard and expedited shipping.

With being said, your shipping service options have an impact on customer satisfaction, including your shipping costs. To help you choose between standard and expedited shipping, we will explore the two modes of shipping, showing you when to use each one. 

What is Expedited Shipping?

There are several ways people define and interpret expedited shipping. The majority describes it as sending a parcel or package faster than standard shipping. As a result, the delivery rate is faster. For some shipping companies, expedited shipping services are referred to as the range of trucking and delivery services provided at a more rapid pace. 

Also, this shipping method is more expensive than usual delivery rates. The process of it varies from company to company. Each company also has a different policy for the shipping method. According to the rule of thumb, the usual standard rate of delivery is three working days. Some freight forwarders use the same term when quoting a shipment for expedited shipping methods. 

All in all, the whole purpose of expedited shipping is to prioritize certain goods or items over others. Again the terms and conditions depend on company policy and management of the courier services.

Furthermore, expedited shipping process is composed of three parts:

  • The express deliveries take a day and up to three days for international delivery services.
  • Following day deliveries.
  • The same day deliveries.

These are what expedited shipping services entail. Additionally, it can also cover both local  and international deliveries.

Expedited Shipping vs. Standard Shipping

Expedited shipping costs more, but the delivery is faster. On the other hand, standard shipping is usually a free shipping method, but the delivery takes five to seven days. Another thing is, standard shipping is mostly for less urgent package or items, while expedited is for time-sensitive goods. 

Moreover, expedited delivery implies that the package or shipments will be sent via a fast courier service. The shipping could be either via a courier service or in some cases via the post office. You can get expedited service using premium shipping services like Priority Mail. When using premium tracking and transit times, expedited delivery is faster. If you want to save on the costs of expedited shipping, make bookings online. On the other hand, when the booking is made directly with a trucking service, it can cost more.

When it comes to standard shipping, goods are most likely to be shipped through the post office at a bulk rate. Thus, it will take a longer time to arrive at any place. Always keep in mind the freight class when quoting for a fast shipping method.

In the end, the finer point of standard and expedited shipping methods differ from company to company. Sometimes, it depends on the ability to deliver on the customer’s expectations.

How Long Does Expedited Shipping Take?

Most trucking and freight delivery companies in Toronto have their policies for fast delivery and orders. Usually, those orders are processed within two to three days. After the order processing, the following events take place:

  • The provider will send you an email with tracking information to the mail address linked to your order.
  • You can track the updated information of your requests to make sure it’s accurate
  • The speed of delivery depends on the distance that has to be covered before delivery. Additionally, it depends on whether or not you pay for expedited shipping.
  • The parcel or package is expected to be shipped by the date and time specified in the product description.

Tips for Sellers Who Use Expedited Shipping Method

The cost of expedited shipping in Toronto means that you must get the most out of the service. These tips will help ensure that you enjoy the best that expedited shipping has to offer. 

Provide Several Options

Most buyers’ problem with shipping orders is the feeling of being stuck. It is the reason why most buyers always look for the most convenient and fast delivery option. 

If you have expedited shipping as part of your options, make it your preferred method for your buyers. It will make your products more attractive to your customer since they have control over their buying patterns.

Deeply Understand the Term 

Do not always assume that expedited shipping refers to the fastest shipping method. The term “expedited” is simply a level up of shipping method from the standard and economy options. It is a method where same-day and overnight shipping is offered. To make everything clear, always communicate the details of your expedited shipping options to the buyer.

Understand Clearly the Different Shipping Levels 

Make sure to communicate with the buyers about the difference between standard, expedited, and economy shipping. It is best to highlight the benefits of each shipping method, costs, including the expected delivery time frame.

Be Mindful with Customer Inquiries

Most customers use the term “expedited” when they are requesting the fastest standard option. On the other hand, the customer could also mean that it is the same-day versus the next day. Therefore, it is essential to understand each customer’s shipping expectations before offering the best shipping options you have.

Get a Quote Today

Here at All Freight Shipping, our delivery timeframes are typically about two days within Canada and the United States. However, with our expedited shipping and freight transportation services, we can make the shipping time frame possible in a day or less. 

Also, if there is a need, we will send out your trucking shipments in cargo vans with two drivers alternating shifts. This way, we can ensure that there are no delays or stops in between your delivery. 

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