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What is Heated Trucking Service?

In this article, you will discover what is heated trucking service and the benefits that come with it. This method of freight trucking and cargo delivery is one that is disrupting the e-commerce industry. 

Transportation is a vital part of business. Business owners and customers alike depend on transportation to finalize many transactions. Without transportation, many goods and services will not get to their final destinations. That said, some products need a special form of transportation to get to where they are required. 

These products are fragile or delicate. Without a unique means of transportation, they will damage or spoil. In this article, you will learn more about one special mode of goods transportation. This exceptional service is called Heated Trucking.

What is Heated Trucking?

Heated Trucking is a form of transportation offered by logistics companies in Canada. In this form of transportation, the carrier moves goods with a temperature-controlled truck and at a specific temperature. 

Heated trucking can also mean that a regular trailer moves goods with a portable heater. While the temperature-controlled truck maintains a particular temperature, the truck with a portable heater adds heat during transportation.

Heated Trucking Service and Protect From Freeze Service: The Differences

Heated trucking comes in handy during the winter season. While transporting goods, they may drop to below freezing temperatures. Heated trucking service prevents this from happening. It is comparable to the “protect from freeze” service, which means different things too. 

A regular trailer that has a portable heater qualifies as a protect from freeze service. A lot of logistics companies provide this service. They do so by keeping the freight in motion between distribution facilities.

During transit, the freight is neither heated nor kept in a temperature-controlled truck. The protect from freeze services take chances that the goods in transit will not freeze before arriving at heated terminals. 

It is essential to know the difference between heated trucking services and protect from freeze services. Knowing which of the services to choose for your freight depends on what you want to transport. It is not a good idea to use protect from freeze services for freight that may freeze during transit. 

In this case, it is best to use heated trucking services. However, if it is freight that you can transport without any consequences from freezing, you can use protect from freeze services.

Why Should I Use Heated Trucking Services?

Heard trucking Canada is getting popular daily. The reason lies in the range of benefits that come from this temperature-controlled freight delivery option. That said, here are reasons to use heated trucking services: 

It is cost-effective

Although heated trucking is advantageous and beneficial in many ways, it is not costly. Many heated truck services offer subsidized rates, making it affordable. 

It is, however, more expensive than regular shipping. This cost is negligible when compared to the money you save when your freight arrives safely.

Your freight is not contaminated

With heated trucking, you are sure your cargo remains at the right temperature during shipping. With this, there is no risk of possible contamination.

Offers no risks

Most logistics companies that provide heated trucking in Toronto and environs have good track records of successful deliveries. This is not a surprise given the technical nature of the service. 

There are many standards and maintenance checks to keep. This means only experienced hands can manage the service and trucks, leaving your freight in the best hands.

When to use Heated Trucking? 

Heating service is used for transporting the following products:

  • Agricultural Products
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Printer ink and toners
  • Juice and consumable beverages
  • Electrical Components

How to Identify a Good Heated Trucking Service

Knowing what is heated trucking service, you may want to get one for your business’ special delivery needs. However, before you work with a heated trucking service in Canada, there are some things to take note of. 

The best heated trucking services have good reputations and will do the following: 

They Have Experience 

Good trucking services have experience at what they do. Aside from that, they also have experienced staff too. A good trucking service will train its staff well to handle your products with care and ensure speed delivery too. That way, you have no worries about your products because you are sure they are in the best hands.

They Provide a Fleet of Trucks and can Handle any Freight

Good heated trucking services have a fleet of trucks. Therefore, they can transport your cargo no matter the size. There is no use going for a service provider that will not carry your freight because of its size. 

They will Deliver at All Times

Good trucking services will deliver your products on time no matter the weather conditions. Weather conditions and other unpredictable situations like it are one of the reasons to hire a heated trucking service.  

They have the training and the resources to deliver even in times of emergency. Hence, one that will not deliver at a particular time is not suitable for you.

Good Service Providers have Great Reviews

Before choosing a trucking service, ensure that you check the web for customer reviews about the shipping company. Reputable companies have great customer reviews. These customer reviews serve as a reflection of the level of customer satisfaction. 

Good Shipping Providers Use Best Technology

A good service provider will always use the best temperature monitoring systems on their trucks. They will also keep to standard trucking procedures during transit. 


With the info above, we are sure you understand more of what heated trucking service is. More importantly, you understand how to pick the company for your heated trucking needs in Canada. 

Here at All Freight Shipping, we tick all of the boxes. Heated trucking requires the use of highly efficient temperature-controlled trucks. In light of that we are home to experienced drivers who use these trucks to deliver sensitive cargo seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about our temperature-controlled freight delivery services.