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What are the Different Types of Air Freight and Cargo Services?

Air Freight and cargo services provide quick and easy transport of goods by air. Shipping cargo by air remains the high cost-to-weight form of shipment. However, it comes with significant benefits that are great for most businesses.

This mode of shipping is costly because it’s the fastest way to ship goods/items internationally. With air freight and cargo delivery services, there’s also increased security and safety. More importantly, there are different options that you can take advantage of. In this blog, we take a look at the different types of air freight delivery and cargo services.

Air Freight Service: The Specifics

Air freight services vary based on size, weight, and the type of cargo or package. There is a possibility to have similar kinds of packages. However, the duration of its required delivery time is what determines the charges. One good thing about the air cargo service industry is that it has a wide range of categories to serve different types of packages and cargos. 

Also, the air freight service provider you choose can ensure that your shipments are handled in a speedy but careful manner. However, that will also depend on the delivery option you have selected. With air freight shipping, you need to be familiar with various air cargo services available. It is crucial to go through all of them and decide what the best one for your business is. 

What is Air Cargo Service?

Air cargo service also deals with ground shipments or parcel shipments. These cargos are usually heavier and larger than traditional packages in other cargo categories. The overall transport of these types of shipments may take several days, mainly if they go through a series of destinations. 

It might see the air freight company needing to cover hundreds of miles a day most of it on land before the shipments can reach the freighter or even after it arrives at its destination. Such packages are required to be up to a specific weight as declared by the air cargo service. 

If the package you want to be shipped is much larger, your air freight service provider may offer a few arrangements. You may also be given a truckload shipping service, or you may be provided with a freight service with a mixed freight trucking option. Under this shipping method, the air cargo service can combine your shipments with other company’s cargo. They may have them transferred from one mode of shipment to another at times before it finally arrives at its destination.

What are the Types of Air Cargo?

Air cargo has two types. They are the general and special cargo.

General cargo

A general type of load includes high-value goods, such as jewellery, electronics, machinery and pharmaceuticals. Although air shipping is more expensive than sea freight shipping, its security means that air freight remains the ideal form of transport for high-value packages.

Special cargo

From the word itself “special,” special shipments are those items or goods that require special conditions for transporting. These goods may need temperature control, protected casing, or other unique conditions.

Types of Air Freight Services: Which is Best?

When it comes to air freight service providers, you have a couple of options to choose from. Knowing what each service does will help you determine the ideal air freight service for your business.

Passenger Airlines

Although passenger airlines are designed and intended to move people, they also offer space for sale in their luggage compartment. However, there are some weight protocols and space limits for cargo being shipped this way. Nevertheless, this option is still convenient as it has many destinations and offers a large volume of flights.

All-Cargo Service Carriers

From the word itself “all,” these planes carry all sorts of cargo but do not transport people. Because of this, there are fewer restrictions on the shipment’s weight and size compared to passenger airlines.

Integrated Express Carriers

One of the biggest challenges of air cargo shipping is getting the cargo to and from the airport. This is why integrated express carriers exist and come in handy. These cargo carriers will transport the items from the pickup location to the drop off location.

These types of air cargo carriers mostly rely on a hub system that allows them to transport shipments smoothly.

Combination Service Carriers

These shipping carriers have aircraft for both passengers and cargo. 

Benefits of Air Freight and Cargo Services

With air freight and cargo services, same-day delivery is possible anywhere in the United States and. You can rest assured that your package will get picked up immediately upon booking and transfer on the next flight to arrive at its destination.

Other advantages you can expect to enjoy won you choose air freight delivery include:

Reliable Timing

With air freight shipments, it can be time-specific. You only have to designate the exact pickup and delivery times. It is an advantage to ground freight that has pickup and delivery windows.

High Level of Security

There is a significant level of security when it comes to air freight service. On the other hand, when cargo is transported via ground on a truck, it makes multiple stopovers. During those stops, the shipments onboard become more vulnerable.

Besides, airports inherently have a higher level of security than other trucking service providers. Also, there are fewer stops with air freight delivery since the plane travels non stop from point A to point B.

International Trade Abilities

Air freight shipping service makes international trade a reality for smaller and even mid-sized commercial businesses. It also allows them to compete on a larger scale with quick shipping services.

Easy to Track Shipments

Due to the high level of security and the direct point A to point B nature of air freight, it is much easier to track your cargo. Besides, there is a strict air delivery schedule, and the FAA regulates flights, so they will usually arrive on time.

Final Thoughts

Air freight shipping service is the ideal mode of transport for shipments that need to be delivered in a short time. Also, it is a shipping method that provides a high level of security.

Sometimes, air freight services can be confusing to book, especially if you’re just new to this. Therefore, the best option is to work with an air freight shipping provider to help you determine the best type of air freight service for your cargo. If you have any questions about air freight services, visit All Freight Shipping or call us today at (647) 691-5535 to get an estimate.