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Must-Know Details About Reefer Trucks and Trailers

In past years, it was difficult to transport perishable goods, over a long distance. However, thanks to advances in technology, reefer trucks and trailers have made that a possibility.

This has opened up a world of opportunity for e-commerce businesses in Canada and the USA. It means they can get perishable goods in and out of the country without worrying about spoilage. 

Reefer truck is a business tool that has improved the services of various brands. With a reefer truck, it is easier to deliver goods or products to your target customers. 

Are you curious about how this form of freight delivery and trucking service works? Over the course of this blog, we will explore the concept that is reefer trucking and shipping. We’ll show you how it works and when is the best time to use a reefer truck to move your freight.

What is Reefer Trucking?

Reefer trucking is the process of transporting items at a specific and constant temperature. The reefer truck is also known as a refrigerated truck. It is a specially designed means of transportation because it contains cooling features.

Do you want to know when to use reefer trucks? We discuss all the details you need to know about reefer trucking and shipping in Canada.

In fact, statistics show that about 4 million refrigerated trucks are in use. So you see, it’s easy to conclude there are hundreds of thousands of people and businesses using reefer trucks to make deliveries.

How Reefer Trucking Works

Contrary to popular opinion, reefer trucks do not only transport perishable goods. Moreover, using reefer trucks and trailers doesn’t just cool sensitive cargo. It also regulates the temperature.

Are you wondering how a reefer truck functions during transportation? Here’s your answer: Many transporters install the refrigeration unit to maintain the quality of highly perishable goods. 

They achieve this by attaching the refrigerator at the front of reefer trucks and trailers. Then, the unit uses the fan and compressor for circulating air and refrigerant uniformly.

Typically, reefer trucks supply the power the refrigerator unit needs, while in motion. However, the major source of power is the diesel engine in reefer trucks and trailers.

Other features of a reefer truck include:

  • Reefer trucks and trailers have compartments that keep items in the required temperature.
  • Reefer trucks have a heavy seal at the door that prevents external heat.
  • At the front of the trailer, there is a refrigeration system that removes heat that escapes in.
  • Trailer walls with foam insulation that helps keep content at cold temperature.
  • The roof has a reflective material that manages heat absorption from the sun.

The Benefits of Reefer Trucking and Freight Delivery

Sometimes, transporting goods to a far distance may seem quite difficult — especially when it is sensitive to temperature. However, a reefer truck has compartments that allow for the transportation of heavy objects without causing major damage.

By using reefer trucks, many business owners in Canada and the US receive good reviews for their products and services. Asides this, other benefits of reefer trucking services include:


With reefer trucking, distance is no longer a problem. Whether you are looking to move cargo within the country or outside of it, it’s possible. This level of flexibility opens up your business to the outside world. With the best reefer trucking and freight delivery services, you can expand your operations. 

Variety of service 

Refrigerated systems have various sizes that are best suitable for different trucks. This means you don’t have to worry about the size of your sensitive freight. Whether you need to move full truckload or less than truckload shipments, there’s a solution for you.

Saves Cost

Using reefer trucks and trailers for trucking is a great investment. In the long run, it saves you from extra costs that may result from the damage of critical cargo. 

Do you want to know when to use reefer trucks? We discuss all the details you need to know about reefer trucking and shipping in Canada.

When to Use Reefer Trucks

So, as a beginner, you may be wondering when to use reefer trucking services. Typically, you should use reefer trucking when you are transporting items that need delicate temperature control.

You don’t need to own a reefer truck to run an effective supply system. You can hire reefer trucking services. Here is a list of items you can transport, using reefer trucks and trailer;

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most perishable farm produce. Countries like Canada and the U.S export a lot of farm produce. So, many businesses use reefer trucks to sustain the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


Many suppliers complain about the difficulty of transporting seafood because it spoils quickly. However, you can be successful at this by using a high standard reefer trucking service.


Wines are very sensitive to changes in temperature. So, a sudden change in temperature can activate the enzymes in wine, especially alcohol. Hence for successful shipping, you should use an effective reefer truck to transport your wines. 

Dairy Products

Dairy products are less perishable compared to most food items. But you may pack them well to prevent the cans from bulging or leaking. 

Other products you can transport using reefer trucks and trailers include:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Medicines
  • Flowers
  • Military items

Cost of Reefer Trucking Services in Canada

Depending on the size of your cargo and the destination, you may pay up to $500 for reefer trucking. It all depends on how much your sensitive freight weights.

However, you can rest assured that the cost of reefer trucking is well worth it. The safety, speed and knowing your cargo will retain its integrity are positives in every way. Reach out to a freight shipping and trucking company near you to find how much it costs to hire a reefer truck. 

Do you want to know when to use reefer trucks? We discuss all the details you need to know about reefer trucking and shipping in Canada.


There are many factors to consider before using reefer trucks and trailers. For starters, when working with a freight delivery and transportation company, you need to have a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and speed!

Here at All Freight Shipping, we meet customer requirements by offering perfectly designed reefer trucks. Also, we have skilled professionals that put customers through proper usage. Contact us today for more information on our temperature-controlled trucking services.