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Is an Expedited Sprinter Van Good for Shipping Goods?

Do you usually haul freight that can fit into a van? If so, an expedited van might be the perfect fit for you. However, with multiple van options and configurations in the van trucking industry, what should you consider as an expediter?

Expedited van trucking is the branch of freight hauling that deals with urgent and usually small orders. Typically, items that are transported using an expedited van require delicate handling, zero reloading and arrival at specific times.

So, why choose an expedited sprinter van for your trucking and shipping needs? In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of an expedited sprinter van for your shipping and trucking needs. 

Why You Should Consider Expedited Sprinter Van for Shipping Goods

An expedited sprinter van has a lot of benefits to offer to every shopper and hauler. With knowledge of the advantages of expedited sprinter vans, you can make a decision on whether it’s a great choice for your business.


Among all the types of vans, expedited sprinter vans are one of the most cost-effective methods of transporting goods directly via ground. Compared to semi-trucks and box trucks, expedited sprinters are less expensive, up to 66% less. 

Since sprinter vans are lighter and smaller than a standard dock-high straight truck, they cost less to operate per mile. Also, it means that you will be charged with lower freight rates. 

In the same vein, sprinter vans are comparable to air freight delivery rate in terms of cost-effectiveness. With its cost-effective service, an expedited sprinter van is an excellent option.


Apart from being a cost-effective van shipping mode, sprinter vans can also efficiently carry between one and four standard pallets of cargo. This is due to its interior width, which is around 3500 pounds. Also, their volume is practical and well suited for loose or non-palletized cargo.

In the same vein, since there is no additional handling in transit, space can be utilized more effectively. The cargo space of a sprinter van can be easily loaded and unloaded either with the use of a hand or forklift. However, their beds are not shipping dock height.

Not to worry, here at All Freight Shipping, we take these factors into account before determining if a sprinter van is the right choice for your cargo.


When it comes to speed, expedited sprinter vans are considered a faster option than semis and box trucks over shorter distances. Also, they provide better transit times as compared to traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL) shipping options. 

For example, with conventional LTL, the cargo is picked up and transferred to a terminal to be consolidated with other modes of shipments. This mode of operation can add several more days to the delivery logistics chain.

Also, unlike larger trucks, expedited sprinter vans are more suited to maneuvering dense urban or high traffic areas. This agility contributes to its overall delivery speed, meaning that your freight arrives at the destination smoothly and quickly.

At  All Freight Shipping, expedited sprinter van shipping methods will be exclusive to you. There will be no other cargo aboard or any transfers. With this, you can rest assured that your freight is secured. It will be loaded once and transported directly to its destination. 


Another benefit that expedited sprinter vans can offer is availability. Because of their smaller size, they are usually easily accessible. Besides, due to their popularity, sprinter fleet sizes are significantly increasing nationwide. It means it is possible to customize shipping options for you. 

Also, short deliveries for sprinter vans are easily handled by one driver. When it comes to longer delivery trips, sprinter vans are usually operated by a team of drivers to keep the freight seamlessly moving. With so much in place to ensure fast seamless shipping, there’s no doubt that expedited sprinter fans are a great choice for businesses. 


In terms of pickup and delivery times, expedited sprinter vans are much more flexible than other van trucks. If your delivery or pick up has to arrive at an odd or particular time, sprinter vans can operate within those timeframes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for LTL and other trucking services. 

When to Use an Expedited Sprinter Van?

An expedited sprinter van is a right choice for your business if: 

  • You have large, light or even bulky cargoes that are not a good fit for air freight due to the high cost/cubic foot on planes.
  • If you have deliveries outside an air carrier’s route scheduled for 24-hour delivery, a sprinter van is a good option. 

Take note that sprinter vans are limited in size, but they do not consolidate runs. Therefore, you will still get the entire cargo space of the truck for your shipment. Another thing is, you will not be charged extra for bulky cargo. 

Here at All Freight Shipping, our expedited sprinter vans can be used on these routes:

  • Vancouver to Toronto
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Calgary to Toronto
  • Edmonton to Toronto
  • New York To Toronto
  • California to Toronto
  • Dallas to Toronto
  • Chicago to Toronto
  • New Jersey to Toronto

When Not to Use Expedited Sprinter Vans?

  • Long haul shipping: Sprinter vans are more cost-effective and ideal for shorter delivery runs. Depending on your cargo requirements, a semi, box truck, or other shipping methods will be necessary beyond a particular mileage.
  • Heavy-lift cargo: Expedited sprinter vans can carry at most three to four standard pallets only. Anything above this number of pallets or something much larger is not ideal to be shipped with sprinter vans. Instead, consider a box truck, semi or other trucks that can handle larger cargo.
  • Dock height is required: As mentioned above, expedited sprinter vans are not at shipping dock height. Thus, if your cargo needs a shipping dock at either end, a sprinter van is not the ideal trucking option.
  • A liftgate is needed: Generally, sprinter vans do not have lift gates as a standard tool for shipping.
  • Oversized cargo: If your cargo or shipments exceed the sprinter vans interior dimensions and cannot be safely dismantled for transport, you need to choose a bigger truck. 
  • Overweight cargo: Aside from your shipment’s height and size, weight also matters in sprinter vans. If your cargo hits the vehicle’s above maximum carrying capacity, you should consider a box truck or semis or tractor-trailer.

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By using expedited sprinter vans, you can make your business or personal shipping solutions more effective. Here at All Freight Shipping, we make sure that your cargo is delivered anywhere you need it to be — speedily. If you wish to get an estimate for our sprinter van shipping services, call us at 647-691-5535 or email us at