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How to Save on Trade Show Shipping Costs

It is important for trade show businesses to know how to save on trade show shipping costs. Shipping is an essential facet of trade show business operations.

The goal of every business is to maximize profit and limit costs. Trade show companies incur huge costs during their operations, especially in shipping from location to location. They want these costs to be as low as possible. 

If you run a trade show company, you must know how to save on trade show shipping costs. Read on to find expert tips to help you reduce how much you spend for trade show shipping needs.

What is Trade Show Shipping?

Trade show shipping involves moving the freight belonging to an event or show organizers from one place to another. Most times, this movement is to and from an event location. Trade show shipping services are companies that provide these freight services for potential clients. 

How to Save on Trade Show Shipping Costs

The cost of trade show shipping varies from one shipping service to another. It also depends on the freight you want to move to. To save money on trade show shipping, you have to calculate the cost ahead of time. How then do you calculate trade shipping costs? Find out more next. 

How to Calculate Trade Show Shipping Costs

Calculating your trade show shipping costs is key to reducing expenses in that regard. The costs depend on the operations of your trade show company. If your company has many shows and a relatively-sized freight, you may have to choose between Van Lines and Common Carriers. 

Van lines base their shipping costs on the linear feet the freight uses in the trailer, the fuel consumption rate, and travel distance. This means the weight of the freight is not a primary cost factor. It only matters when your booth is too heavy. 

Tariffs are another factor important for calculating trade show shipping costs in Toronto. These tariffs are dependent on the transport cost regulations of a particular country or International body. 

If the arrival time of your freight is important, you may consider van lines over common carriers. Van lines are faster than common carriers because they do not make any stops during transit. Common carriers, on the other hand, make many pickup stops. Hence, Van lines cost more than common carriers. 

After your calculations, you need to know how to save on trade show shipping costs. Find out the ways to go about this in the next section. 

Ways to Save on Trade Show Shipping Costs

Based on many years of experience, here are some tips for trade show shipping savings. 

Choose Van Line Shipping Services over Common Carriers

It is common knowledge that van lines are specialized trade show shipping services. This means they are more expensive than common carriers. However, the benefits of van lines over common carriers outweigh the costs. Aside from being faster, they are also safer and more reliable. 

With the added features of van lines, you end up saving the cost of transporting your trade show freight over time. For one, you will have zero worries about your goods suffering damage during transit due to multiple stops. Mostly, this is the case with common carriers. 

How to Save on Trade Show Shipping Costs

It is Best to Go with Show-to-Show Shipping

If you are a trade show company that has multiple shows annually, it may profit you more if you use show-to-show shipping. In essence, the trade show shipping service moves your freight from location to location consecutively. 

This reduces the cost you will incur if you ship from the event location to your office and then to the next show location. When you use show-to-show shipping, it is best to use less-than-truckload shipping. This form of trade show shipping service charges you based on the space your freight uses. 

Measure and Weigh Your Freight

One way to reduce trade show shipping costs is to measure and weigh every item in your freight. That way, you know the exact shipping rate of your shipment. Also, you can prevent trade shipping services from overestimating your shipping rates. 

Use Shipping Cases

It is good to purchase durable shipping containers. These cases come at a cost but will come out handy in the long run. They firmly hold your delicate freight like computers and monitors, preventing damage. This means you save money as you will not need to replace expensive cargo. 

Use Lightweight Material

An excellent way to save on trade shipping costs is to use lightweight material in packing your freight. When you do so, you do not incur an extra cost because of the heavy freight load. 

Ship Your Freight All at Once

Aside from using lightweight material to package your freight, it is also important to move all of your shipments at once. Having to move multiple shipments for a tradeshow increases costs. 

Pack your booth in such a way that they go in one shipping trip. Aside from reducing shipping costs, this reduces the risk of losing items. 

Ship Your Freight Early

It always pays to ship your booth ahead of time. Doing this ensures your freight gets to the location early. Also, shipping your trade show freight in advance also prevents you from forgetting any item. In the long run, you save on having to pay extra fees for expedited shipping for the forgotten item.

Use the Best Trade Show Shipping Services

It is always best to use trade show shipping services in Canada and the USA with your best interests. These expert service providers usually save you time, stress, and worries about mediocre shipping services. 

How to Save on Trade Show Shipping Costs


You now know how to save on trade show shipping costs after reading this article. The tips in this review are helpful and come from years of experience. You can also check out our trade show shipping services in Canada and the USA. They guarantee you the best services at the lowest costs. 

With the knowledge you gain from reading this, you will not have any problems managing your trade show shipping costs. Keep to them and make your business profitable. Have a great show!