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How to Choose a Trucking Service in Canada and USA

While figuring out how to choose a trucking service in Canada and the USA, several companies focus on what it would cost them. However, this should be last on the list of things to consider before choosing the right trucking service. There are a lot more factors that can determine whether or not a freight delivery company is best for you.

According to reports, trucks accounted for about 64% of the total freight transport across North America in 2017, with 58% of this coming from Canada. This means that several companies bank on trucks to do business. Your company is most likely one of them, which is why you are on this page.

With the increase in demand for trucking services came a rise in the number of firms looking to offer it. This makes it a necessity for you to have knowledge of the essential tips for choosing a trucking service. During your search, there are questions to ask a freight delivery company that can help you make the right decision.

Over the course of this blog, we will provide you with the perfect guide to choosing a trucking or freight delivery company in Canada. More importantly, we will also explore what to expect from a freight delivery company. 

Trucking Services in Canada and USA: What They Do

Before worrying about how to choose a trucking service in Canada and the USA, you should know what these companies can do for you. Majorly, freight delivery companies are at the heart of the transport of goods in and out of the country. They can take massive loads and drive to their destinations in the city. 

The ubiquity of the service they provide makes them an essential part of major North American economies. Here’s what a freight delivery company offers in terms of services.

The transport of goods across the country

The transport of goods ranging from raw materials to finished products within the country is best with the use of trucks. They are preferred to other means of transportation because they will get the products to the final destination en masse. In fact, they are the final delivery system of the freight supply chain.

Shipped goods

The movement of goods between countries is carried out mainly by sea. These shipped goods then rely on truck freighting to reach their final destination. Commonly shipped goods include agriculture products, cars, furniture, textiles, stone, minerals, and wood. Just about any product that is shipped into Canada can be moved by truck. This further emphasizes the importance of the truck service in the survival of businesses across the country.

Trucking and freight delivery companies can offer you different options to move your freight. Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer a wide range of shipping options to the following locations:

  • Vancouver to Toronto
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Calgary to Toronto
  • Edmonton to Toronto
  • New York To Toronto
  • California to Toronto
  • Dallas to Toronto
  • Chicago to Toronto
  • New Jersey to Toronto

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Trucking Service

Several factors influence how to choose a trucking service in Canada and the USA. With the right questions, you can determine how well they rank against the following factors.

Experience level

When a company survives for a long time, it merely means that they are very good at what they do. Experience is one primary reason why you shouldn’t focus on quotations alone during your search. Entry-level companies would most likely have a lower price, which you should automatically relate with a lack of adequate experience to make your project a success. 

Additionally, newer companies make use of price reduction to quickly get clients. Conversely, with the experience of older companies, you can be sure of a reliable tested and trusted process that gets your delivery executed to precision


Manpower is another factor to consider before choosing a trucking service in Canada and the USA. This works hand in hand with the level of experience. With an adequate workforce, you can be assured that there would be no delay in delivering your freight. You can ask about this while meeting with representatives of different companies.

Offshore delivery

This is especially important if, at one point, you will need to deliver products to other countries. By having a single freight company handle both your land and offshore delivery, you are assured of the product’s security. 

Expansion is the ultimate goal of every business, and choosing a company with offshore experience, even if you don’t need it now, is essential. With this, your business keeps growing in understanding with the freight company, in preparation for the future of your company.


Service delivery is sensitive, and the possibility of unknowns coming into play is very real. Despite this, you should look to protect your business. Hence, it would help if you placed more value on companies that give you assurance and guarantees on any emergency or unforeseen situations.


When it comes to logistics and freight, tracking is one you should figure out from the start. The logistics company you are working with must make it possible to track the orders you place easily. This in turn helps in the provision of support to your customers. You want to know where your cargo is at a particular time, a significant move in ensuring safety.

Performance and training

Trucking companies that hire frequently will most assuredly have strict frameworks with which they train their staff. Logistics is a complex industry, and the availability of training for the employees means that the company values organization and ensures best practices in every stage of their process. 

With in-house training for workers, shortcomings are identified, and the knowledge gaps are filled. This helps such a company improve its services. With this level of efficiency, such a company may be the best trucking/freight delivery company for you.

Load size

There are different options when it comes to loading sizes. Some freight companies allow for full load sizes, while others would only give you partial load size. Hence, it would help if you considered all the options available to you before making your decision. If you are not sure of which would work best for your company, then it is best to go with a freight company that allows for both.

Choosing a Freight Delivery Company: Final Take

Learning how to choose a trucking service in Canada and the USA may seem complicated. However, it would help if you took your time to consider all the factors discussed above.

With due consideration, you will be able to make the best decision for your brand. Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer a wide variety of freight delivery options for clients in Canada and the US. Call +18662009989 or send us a message to discuss the best way to get your cargo to its destination today!