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How Much Does Storage Trailer Rental Cost?

Renting a storage trailer is significantly becoming a vital part of commercial operations. In Canada, it is now turning into a big part of inventory management in the growing freights and logistics industry. This is why knowledge about the cost of a storage rental is important. 

The demand for storage trailers has risen due to the rapid growth in the e-commerce industry. Also, the general scarcity of warehousing space is also one of the factors that have pushed its demand. Today, many companies and commercial businesses that traditionally choose warehousing units are renting trailers. They also use storage trailer rentals to meet their business storage needs and to handle the reverse logistics.

In this blog we will discuss how much you can expect to pay for a storage trailer in the US and Canada. Additionally, we will explore the factors that the pricing of storage rentage trailers.

What is a Storage Trailer? 

Essentially, storage trailers are trailers designed for storage purposes. They are used as storage, and as an alternative to warehouses. By renting these types of trailers, commercial businesses and companies can save space. Also, they can maximize their choices in terms of the management and transportation of goods and products to their clients.

Here at All Freight Shipping, we believe that you deserve the best service in managing and operating your resources. Thus, we offer storage trailers. These are flexible options for storing goods and products conveniently and efficiently. Generally, storage trailers are spacious and have more room to store any products, equipment, commodities and more.

Moreover, using storage trailers can allow you to relocate your services from one location to another easily. We all know that moving from place to place is quite hard, and you may need to store items in between moving. Storage trailers offer that functionality.

How to Choose Storage Trailer Rental

Renting a trailer from a storage trucking company or any rental service near you is crucial to your business. Therefore, when you choose a storage trailer renting company, go for a local company. Selecting a local storage trailer company allows you to have the opportunity to check the trailer before renting it. Additionally, you have the opportunity to inspect and assess the trailer. This way, you can determine whether they are well maintained and suitable for storing your items.

Also, you are more likely to save on the overall storage trailer rental costs when you choose a local company. On the other hand, storage trailer rental providers from remote locations may still offer better services. However, selecting remote locations in renting storage trailers may increase the overall costs you have to pay.

Nevertheless, whether it’s a local company or not, you must ensure that they are a reputable storage trailer provider.

Storage Trailer Rental: Cost and Pricing

The average cost of a storage trailer rental in the US and Canada ranges from $120 to $250 per month. However, these costs are only for storage trailers in the dimension range of 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft.

You can rent a smaller storage trailer for much less space, depending on what your business needs. The rates of renting smaller storage trailers are between $60 (10-foot storage trailer) and $180 (30-foot storage trailers).

What to Consider when Renting a Storage Trailer

Although there is a high demand for storage trailers, you should not just rent the first services you see. It would be best if you considered a lot of things when choosing a storage trailer. But how do you choose the storage trailer rental that is right for your business? How do you know if the storage rental rates is the best pricing for you?

Below are some of the essential things you may want to consider before renting a storage trailer:

  • Find out about the service and reputation of each potential provider.
  • Compare and constraint all the rates of each provider/company.
  • Feel free to contact the rental providers to ask for a quote.
  • Physically examine the trailer to avoid future storing problems.
  • Ask about other additional costs. Ask for the breakdown and overall cost.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Storage Trailer?

Renting retail storage or any storage has numerous benefits for every business. Overall, storage trailers make and keep your weather-tight storing close at hand. They also provide convenient access that serves as an overflow storage room/space for all your items. 

Other benefits that come with paying the cost of renting a storage trailer in Toronto or the US include

Spacious room for storage 

A storage trailer is larger than the average storage containers. If you want to maximize the storage space of a single unit, a storing trailer is the best option for you. These trailers range in size from around 8’ x 20’ to 8’ x 40’. Also, they are about 50’ long and wider than the usual storing container.

Easy access

With a storage trailer, you no longer have to travel long distances to get access to your items or products. For other storage options, you may find it hard to take a vehicle to a storage area to access the goods or products being stored in your trailer. With storing trailers, the trailer is firmly parked at your dock. Therefore, you have all the access to everything you need, whenever you need it. 


Storing trailers offer convenient access to your products. Having all the access to your merchandise is a big priority. Since they are kept parked at your receiving dock, it will be convenient for your operations. Also, it can serve as an overflow space during your busiest days. When you need your merchandise, no need to get a forklift to grab beforehand, you can access all the items inside the trailer.

Storing trailers can be moved

You cannot move a shipping container while it’s filled with content. However, with storage trailers, this is not the case. You can move your storage trailers whenever there is a need. This means you can free up your loading dock space or easily switch up the contents. Also, you can ship the merchandise to other retail locations, or you can move it off-site.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to storage trailer rental costs, the price may vary from company to company, and due to location. Aside from that, other factors may affect the price you pay relating to the rental period. The type and size of the trailer can also lead to additional charges.

If you are looking for a local storage trailer provider, All Freight Shipping is here for you. We can resolve your business space issues. Free your spaces or warehouses by calling us at 647-691-5535 or emailing us at