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How FTL Shipping Can Increase Your Business Profit

FTL shipping can help increase your business profit. It is an acronym for Full Truckload shipping. It’s a term that describes a situation where someone contracts the entire truck for their use. 

That is, the full truckload is theirs until the goods are dropped off. While this may seem wasteful to some, it’s a cost-effective method of transporting your items. Over the course of this article, we’ll show you how FTL shipping can increase your business profit. 

Businesses are always looking for a way to increase their bottom line. Profit is one of the core motivators in business, and an effective way to boost it is to cut down on shipping and transportation fees.

But that’s easier said than done. A lot of businesses lose money every day because of inefficient shipping. Some companies use LTL shipping for their companies without really knowing the pros of FTL shipping. 

How can you tell whether a method will work for you if you’ve never weighed the benefits? That’s why today, we’re going to tell you all about how FTL shipping can increase your business profit. But to do that, we have to get to know the other type of shipping.

How FTL Shipping Can Increase Your Business Profit

How FTL Can Increase Your Business Profit

Here’s how FTL shipping services in Canada can help you make more money:

Fast Delivery

The internet has made everything instant. You can buy something in the morning and get it at your door by early evening. The mantra of business right now is “FAST!” You can’t do that with LTL shipping. 

The driver needs to deliver different goods to different recipients in different places. You cannot be sure that your products are the first to be dropped off.

But with FTL shipping, the only goods on the truck will be yours. There will be no stops, no other deliveries and no delays due to problems with nothing to do with your goods. If your products are time-sensitive, you might need to put speed first. 

And then there’s always the fact that quick shipping endears you to your customers. As such, you’re more likely to turn even first-time customers to repeaters. This is how FTL shipping can increase your business profit even in the long term.

Less Handling

We’ve all witnessed a shipment of goods falling before. It is usually an LTL shipment. That is not to say that accidents cannot happen with FTL shipping. What we mean is that accidents are far less likely to occur with FTL shipping.

The reason for this is because an FTL shipment only bears the load from one supplier. As such, the shipment goes straight from the loading area to the delivery site without detours. An LTL shipment has to make many stops. No trucking and shipping service can dictate the number of stops, so you may only have a vague idea of when the shipment will arrive.  

When the driver of an LTL shipment stops for deliveries, they have to open the truck and perhaps rummage through all the goods before coming up with the one they want. If they’re careful, the other products may not receive damage. However, after many stops, an accident is more likely to happen.

The worst part is, it might not be evident until the package has been opened. At that time, it’s already made a bad impression on the client or supplier. Sometimes, the goods may even have to be returned and a new product sent in its place. This isn’t at all cost-effective. How FTL shipping can increase your business profits is even more apparent.

One of the advantages of FTL shipping is that, since there won’t be any other stops en route, the driver won’t have any reason to search through the goods. All of this is based on the assumption that you use trustworthy and reliable FTL shipping services.

How FTL Shipping Can Increase Your Business Profit

Great for Larger Shipments

Some people may see the heading as a disadvantage of FTL shipping, but we don’t see it that way. When you ship your goods in bulk, you can benefit from economies of scale. And you’ll benefit from a speedy, safe delivery.  

Great for Fragile, or Temperature Sensitive Goods

If your goods need a specific environment or temperature to guarantee their safety, you’ll get many more benefits when you use FTL shipping. If your products are the only ones being transported, you can request whatever special conditions you want. 

If you need the truck’s temperature regulated or need to get a particular padded vehicle for more delicate goods, it’s all up to you. You don’t have to worry about the condition of your goods. How FTL shipping can benefit your business profit is by making sure your products are always in the best condition.

Save Money

If your products have high demand, then it only makes sense to use a full truckload for your shipping needs.

In this way, you can decrease costs in the long term that may accrue if you use LTL shipping. Though this method is a bit more long term in scope, it shows how FTL shipping can increase your business profit.

Backhaul Opportunities

This benefit shows why manufacturers, drivers and shipping companies should encourage the use of FTL shipping. When drivers take a full truckload of goods from point A to point B, they can naturally take back another shipment from point B to point A. 

This is called backhauling, and it’s a way for the manufacturer, client and carrier to save time and make some extra money. Manufacturers can even use this point as a bargaining chip when discussing rates.

How FTL Shipping Can Increase Your Business Profit


Using the wrong methods when shipping can lead to accidents with goods, delayed deliveries and unhappy customers. Today, we’ve shown you how FTL shipping can increase your business profit and make your services stand out to your customers. 

But all these advantages are made with the assumption that you have a suitable carrier. If you don’t or you’re not sure of your carrier’s reliability when dealing with full truckloads, check out All Freight Shipping. Our FTL shipping services available in Canada and the USA offer reliability, speed and flexibility. Contact us today!