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Heated Trucking in Canada: The Benefits for Your Freight

When it comes to trucking and moving freight across Canada, there are many types of options to choose from. Heated trucking is a freight delivery and transportation service that can come in handy for certain cargo. However with heated trucking comes a cost that most people wonder about. 

If you are out there wondering whether the cost of heated trucking is worth it, have you considered the benefits? Advances in technology mean that you can now control the indoor temperatures of a dry van truck. With heated trucking, you can keep temperature-sensitive freight at the right temperature until it gets to its destination.

The benefits of heated trucking in Canada are mostly enjoyed by those who ship chemicals. A good number of manufacturing companies often need temperature sensitive products transported across the country. For those who fall into this category, heated trucking services are a guarantee for such chemicals.

In a way, heated trucking is the opposite of reefer trucking. With reefer trucking, the temperature of the dry van is lowered to keep cargo in the best possible condition. An example of a product that requires reefer trucking is fish. Although they are conversely similar in operation, these trucking services come with different benefits. Over the course of this blog, we will explore the benefits of heated trucking. More importantly, we will show you why the cost of heated trucking is worth it.

The Advantages of Choosing Heated Trucking

Are you searching for the best way for your heat-reliant freight to get to its destination without any issues? With effective heated trucking services, your trucking and delivery issues can totally disappear. Here’s why:

Readily available trucking options

Most carriers that provide heated trucking services in the GTA are hugely experienced. As a result, they understand the importance and delicate nature of heat sensitive freight. Therefore, they usually have a fleet of well serviced heated trucks that can accommodate different sizes of freight.

This abundance of trucking vehicles is combined with the huge flexibility of their routes. This means that regardless of the distance and destination, there’s always a way to get your freight to the receiver. More importantly, it will arrive in the best possible condition. This is the same level of functionality that we offer here at  All Freight Shipping.

Cost Effective Shipping 

Despite the obvious functionality offered by heated trucking, it is arguably the most affordable shipping option in Toronto. Since these trucks are mostly autonomous and will maintain a preset temperature without manual assistance, the trucking rates are well subsidised.

For example, here at All Freight Shipping, we offer both full truckload and less-than-truckload trucking options. This means that if your heat-sensitive cargo is not substantial, it can be combined with other freight without a compromise in quality. With our abundance of shipping routes, warehousing solutions and trucking partners, we will get your cargo to its destination speedily. And, at the best prices too.

Zero risk

One of the benefits of reliable heated trucking services in the GTA is the 100% success rate when it comes to delivery. With heat-sensitive cargo, the importance of temperature levels cannot be overstated. Therefore, heated trucks are subject to the highest standards of checks and maintenance. Highly experienced technicians work on a strict schedule to ensure that these trucks do not break down. 

More importantly, these technicians ensure that the temperature control feature is at a condition of 100%. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the integrity of your cargo. Additionally, heated trucks are always fully enclosed. This means a reduction in the risk of theft and tampering. Consequently, that’s a reduction in the cost of insurance premiums for a business. That’s a definite plus!

Zero possibility of contamination

Advances in heating technology means that your precious cargo can be kept at the right temperature without any form of chemical interference. In the past, steam heating methods could have severe impact on goods that react to moisture. However, the new popular transit heat system is one that promotes non-contamination.

If you are wondering whether you need heated trucking? This gives you a yes. This trucking and shipping option won’t affect the chemical composition of heat-sensitive freight. In fact, this is one of the most impactful benefits of heated trucking.

To Sum It Up

Technology has made things significantly easier for us. Instead of stressing on how to move heat sensitive freight, pay the cost of heated trucking services. It’s the only way to make sure that your sensitive cargo gets to its destination safely and swiftly.

Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer the fastest heated trucking services at the best prices. Are you wondering how much it will cost to move your cargo within Canada or into the US? Speak to any of our friendly representatives today. You can get a FREE quote and expert advice. Call +18662009989 or send a message to