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Full Truckload Shipping: Costs, Size, All You Need To Know

As a business owner, when you need to move your merchandise by the truckload, you have two options. These options are Full Truckload Shipping (FTL) and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). Business owners should know the characteristic differences between these two modes. While there is no inherent reason that makes one better than the one, each one offers some vital advantages. This article will take a closer look at full truckload shipping and its unique benefits to businesses in Toronto.

Picking the best shipping and trucking option for your business can save you money and other valuable resources. However, you can only make the right decision if you possess adequate information about what is what. In light of this, we will give you some insights into the fine details of what full truckload shipping in Toronto is all about. This includes information on the cost of a full truckload, its sizes and more. 

What Is Full Truckload Shipping?

Full Truckload Shipping or FTL is the use of an entire truck loading space for one dedicated shipment. That is, the journey is reserved for only one delivery. This means that when you take out a full truckload for your goods, your goods are the only thing on the truck. 

During full truckload shipping in Toronto, the carrier makes the pickup at the origin and drives straight to the set destination. The only stops may be for driver breaks, refuelling and, in some cases, engine trouble. In essence, during FTL shipping, your shipment will travel from pick-up straight to delivery with the least possible number of delays and detours.

Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping

If you are asking yourself, ‘Do I need a full truckload?’ Then, you should take a look at the several vital advantages that full truckload shipping offers business owners in Toronto. Here are some of the top benefits of FTL.

Faster travel time

Since your merchandise is the only cargo aboard the truck, it means that your freight can get to its destination sooner. This is because there is no need for the truck to stop for other pickups or drop-offs along the route.


It is usually cheaper for you to take out a full truckload shipping for your products compared to multiple less-than truckloads. In the long run with FTL, you will find that you have saved more money on the transportation of goods.

Damage and loss of goods are less likely

Full truckload shipping in Toronto means that your products will experience less handling. Your merchandise will only be handled at loading and offload, as there is no need for transfers mid-transit. This drastically reduces the chances of damage to your shipment. Also, mistakes of the wrong goods being offloaded will be eliminated as the entire shipment on board is yours.

Fewer cargo restrictions

With less-than-truckload shipping, there are usually restrictions on the size and weight of shipments. Each cargo usually has an allotted space and weight. However, if you take a full truckload shipment, you are less bothered about size and cargo placement. It gives you peace of mind.

Size of a Full Truckload

The size of full truckload shipping can vary depending on the type of carrier. Some of the carriers that are available for full truckload shipping in Toronto include:

  •  Dry Van
  • Backhaul
  •  Flatbed
  • Refrigerated Carrier
  • Intermodal Carrier

However, there is still an overall expected size that cuts across all carrier options. Generally, a typical full truckload should be able to accommodate 44,000 pounds of freight. In other words, the size of a full truckload is around 48 standard pellets. This roughly translates to around 2500 cubic feet of merchandise all for you. Full truckload shipping is more than capable of tending to your freight and transportation needs.

Most companies with shipping needs of more than 10,000 pounds of goods find that FTL is the best option for them.

Cost of Full Truckload Shipping

It may be challenging to put on an exact number of the cost of a full truckload. This is because full truckload shipping prices are entirely dependent on the market in Toronto. This means that there are no established FTL rates, and you will have to negotiate the amount you pay. However, some factors can affect the cost of full truckload shipping.

  • Mileage – Distance between origin and destination.
  • Season – Winter or summer, harvest or back-to-school season, and more. All of these and more can influence FTL prices.
  • Truck Lane Availability
  • Fuel and Operating Costs – For instance, if your products need to be refrigerated while in transit, it will consume more energy. So, the price you pay may increase.
  • Truck capacity and the weight of your freight.

Having to negotiate the cost of your FTL shipping may mean you have to do more work on your end. You may have to research current market trends and fair prices on similar shipments. However, this also means that if you play your cards right, you can enjoy so much more in terms of lower shipping prices.

Where to Get Full Truckload Shipping Services

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Bringing It All Together

Hopefully, we have been able to give some insight into what Full Truckload Shipping is. However, if you have more questions about FTL shipping in Toronto, please reach out to us. For full truckload shipping services, please call our shipping experts on +16476915535 or send us a message here. Good luck!