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Expedited Shipping Service: Meaning, Cost, Benefits, etc

The question “what is expedited shipping” is a credit to the advances in the world of trucking and freight delivery. In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, so many shipping options exist to deliver products to customers. These shipping options include standard, express, next-day, two-day, priority, and expedited shipping. 

Customers always want their goods delivered to them fast. Expedited shipping is one way by which service providers can deliver products to their customers quickly.  

What is expedited shipping? How does it work? Is it expensive? Read on to discover more about this shipping service.

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a shipping method that gets goods to a customer in a quicker time than standard shipping methods. Hence, when a customer places an order and wants the product as soon as possible, expedited shipping is the way to go.

There is no specific time duration for expedited shipping. It varies among service providers and depends on other factors. Some of these factors include product size, weight, shipping zone, etc. However, the key thing to note is that it is faster than standard shipping.

Expedited Shipping Service Meaning, Cost, Benefits

Expedited Shipping Procedure in Canada: How Does It Work?

In expedited shipping, usually, one mode of transportation is used. This shortens the time required for transit to the customer. Also, you can track the shipment at all times. 

The whole process of expedited shipping is peace-giving and mind-settling. This is because you know that your urgent shipment is on track and will get to its destination on time.

What is the Cost of Expedited Shipping?

Due to it being a priority service, expedited shipping is more expensive than standard shipping. Depending on the size of your cargo, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 for expedited shipping in Canada and the USA.

The cost depends on the weight of the product being shipped, the dimensions, and the destination. It is also dependent on the courier service you are using.

Features of Expedited Shipping

In expedited shipping, a particular shipment is given priority over others. This way, the customer receives a delivery faster than usual. It can be compared to shipping options like same-day delivery, express delivery, and next-day delivery. Expedited shipping varies from same-day deliveries to deliveries that take three days.

The speed of this shipping option depends on the courier service involved. Usually, it takes between 2-3 days on average. Expedited shipping practically depends on the standard shipping time for a product. 

For example, say the time it takes to deliver a product through standard shipping is 5-8 days. In expedited shipping, that delivery time is improved and will take 2-3 days less.

You gain a lot by using expedited shipping services to deliver your products to customers. This is because of its unique features. 

For one, it is faster than standard shipping. The less time spent in transit means there is a decreased probability that any harm will come to products. Customers love it when their products get delivered to them on time and will not mind paying more for faster delivery.

Research shows that customers are willing to pay more to have their orders delivered to them on time. 41% want to pay extra to have their orders arriving on the same day. Another 24% say they will pay a premium for their orders to arrive within 3 hours. 

However, just 50% of retailers offer same-day delivery services on their platform. Hence, more companies should key into expedited shipping to help make their products arrive at their customers faster.

Expedited Shipping Service Meaning, Cost, Benefits

Benefits of Using Expedited Shipping

You now know what is expedited shipping and its features. Also, you understand that you have a lot to gain when you use expedited shipping services. The advantages of expedited shipping include:

It Saves Time

Beating transit time is a major reason for using this service. This is why, despite the cost, many companies use expedited shipping for their deliveries.

Perfect for Delivering Perishable Items

This shipping option is best employed in the delivery of perishable items like food items. These types of products require fast transportation and expedited shipping is the way to go.

Customers Love It

When your products get to customers in time, they are happier. Happier customers remain loyal to you and will keep coming back. Hence, expedited shipping is one way to keep hold of your customers and get new ones.

It Increases Profit

When customers know that their orders will arrive on time, they tend to make more orders. Hence, when you offer expedited shipping services, it helps increase your profits.

Reduces the Risk of Damage to Goods

In this shipping option, there is less handling of products. Shipping usually takes only one transit. The reduced processing, fewer transit routes, and fast arrival times mean there is a low risk of damage to goods.

Saves Cost of Inventory Storage

With this shipping option, your products do not stay long in your inventory. The less time spent on the stock also means less money spent on inventory storage.

You now know what is expedited shipping and its many benefits to your business. Therefore, you have to take advantage of this shipping option which is critical for the success of your business.

Expedited Shipping Service Meaning, Cost, Benefits


In this article, we discuss what expedited shipping is, the procedures involved, and the cost. You are now conversant with the differences between expedited shipping and standard shipping. You also know the features and benefits of using this shipping option.

It is a service that will elevate your business to a higher level and leave your customers satisfied. Satisfied customers are loyal and will always come back to you. Why not key into expedited shipping and give your business an edge over competitors?

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Don’t be left behind in today’s ever-competitive business world. Include expedited shipping as part of your shipping options and beat the competition.