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7 Reasons to Consider Air Shipments Today

In this article, we’ll unveil 7 reasons to consider air shipments. Generally, air freight shipment is a swift and cost-effective method of delivering freight. Furthermore, air cargo delivery has become one of the major freight transportation options in recent years. This is because its functionality is making economics and international trade more prevalent in today’s World.

Typically, air shipments are beneficial to businesses that need to get products across to various international customers as soon as possible. Also, it works well when you’re trying to stay on course with moving a last-ditch manufacturing model.

If you’re a business owner or logistics manager, you may experience a psychological phenomenon called “choice or decision fatigue.” There are several shipping options to transport your materials across borders and more. Well, narrowing such a long list down to the right one might be overwhelming and frustrating. Additionally, factors to consider before doing so are complicated at best.

Before making your decision on which shipping method to use, you should consider your options and the type of freight itself. This will help you sort out your long list of shipment methods and narrow down the list of freight delivery companies available to choose from.

Ultimately, shipping your goods with air freight may appear expensive for your business. However, air shipment carries discrete benefits, depending on how urgent you want your products delivered and the variety of cargo you’re transporting.

Currently, transporting your freight through the air is the new norm for high-value shipments and low-volume goods. Going forward, we’ll discuss air shipments as freight delivery methods, the types of freight suitable for air shipments, and reasons to consider air shipments.

Freight Delivery Methods: Air Shipments

Air shipment is the transportation of goods or any product from one location to another by air, especially internationally. Aircraft used for these are often those with a broader fuselage than that of the regular passenger aircraft. 

Additionally, they have a more significant number of wheels, outstanding balance during landing, and also the ability to land on less ready tracks. Finally, they have numerous wide doors for efficient and comfortable loading of goods.

Enough about the aircraft. What’s key is that goods delivered via air shipments will mostly be transported with planes. However, it’s important to know the type of freight that’s compatible with air shipments. The knowledge of this can provide more insight into the reasons to consider air shipments. Keep reading to find out more!

Types of Freight Suitable for Air Shipments

Generally, moving shipment through the air isn’t the right fit for all varieties of merchandise. Freight that should be transferred through this method of transportation are as follows:

  • High volume and urgent goods
  • Aircraft spare parts for aerospace businesses and land vehicle
  • Urgent intercontinental mail
  • Accessories and medical machinery
  • Vaccines, drugs, and generic pharmaceutical products
  • Live animals, plants, and perishable foods
  • Artworks, luxury products, and materials for events and fairs, etc.

7 Reasons to Consider Air Shipments

Now that you know the types of freight compatible with air freight delivery, it’s important to know why it’s an effective option for your business. Typically, most people balk at the cost of air shipments. 

However, the benefits it offers shows that the cost is well worth it. Here’s why you should consider it for your next shipment. 

Freight shipments through the air are faster

The speed of air freight cargo delivery is indisputable. It’s the primary reason several companies consider flying their cargo while trying to beat time. If your customer wants a product or goods delivered ASAP, then air shipment is your best bet.

It offers more flexibility

For businesses with an international influence, organizing a solid air shipment plan will facilitate seamless expansion. Air shipments allow materials and products to land anywhere in the world without any confinement, unlike waterways, rail lines, or roads. This immense accessibility is one of the reasons to consider air shipments. 

Fewer items in stock and fewer worries over warehouse costs

The need for local storekeepers or warehousing services are completely bypassed when you choose air shipments. Generally, the notion of local warehousing covers safeguarding your items in stock. On the other hand, air shipments don’t require warehousing your goods, and neither do you need a storekeeper.

It comes with improved security

One of the major reasons to consider air shipments is the guaranteed security it offers. With road trucking and freight delivery services, the route may be unsafe. Furthermore, Ross trucking is vulnerable to natural disasters, severe weather, theft, and many more hazards. 

For most businesses, these situations come with financial loss and inconvenience. In addition, these sorts of losses can lead to more disastrous business or public consequences. On the flip side, top of the list of benefits of air shipments is that it’s safe. Cargo sent via aircraft are always under strict attention from the hand-off point to delivery.

Air shipment lessens insurance costs and packaging

Air shipments require less insurance cost and packaging because they are naturally safer than other means of freight shipping. Furthermore, air delivery is typically steady and calm. This means that businesses can use minimal packaging to secure their cargo. So, here’s another reason to consider air shipments — it saves you money and time. 

You can send your freight anywhere in the world

While other shipping methods have considerable network barriers, air shipments can safely move across borders and boundaries. 

With air shipment, you can package large goods to be delivered at your choice of destination. From every point of view, we can agree that air shipments have no limitations.

Air shipments accommodate lighter, and smaller items

Air shipment freight rates are often determined by the weight and size of the shipment. This is in contrast to other trucking and freight delivery sizes whose rates are determined mainly by size. 

For instance, a shipment with relatively low weight which is less-than-truckload may be economical to ship via air rather than water or rail lines. So even if you think your cargo is too light, that’s no reason not to consider air shipments. 


It’s fast. It’s economical and finally, it’s secure. Add in the cost-saving opportunities it offers and you have quite a number of reasons to consider air shipments. If you are transporting cargo from one country to another, it’s the best option for you!

Ultimately, air shipments are the perfect mode of transportation for shipments that require urgent attention, medical supplies, and low volume goods. Here at All Freight Shipping, we offer swift air freight delivery to cities across Canada and the USA. Call+16476915535 to get a FREE QUOTE today!